Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer: What is it?

Ab Rocket Twister ReviewsA workout machine like Ab Rocket Twister for abs fitness allows you to perform resistance workout at your place. The abdominal toning chair can perform diverse resistance exercises for toning all the abdominal muscles and obliques.
There are two types of devices to work your perfect abs:

  • Abdominal tables where you have foot support to achieve abs fitness
  • Guided abdominal appliance in which the motion is driven by the declination of the bust

Abdominal devices enable you to exercise all the abdominal muscles without risk for your back, with a leg raise movement, or a declining motion of your chest.

Ab Rocket Twister: What does it work?

The secret is efficiency technology that is incorporated into the Ab Rocket Twister. It starts by offering resistance on the way down and on the way back up for double the impact. Get ripped, washboard abs in half the time! It not only works as a great abdominal machine, but also as a pilates assister. It focuses truly on the muscles you want to tone, the abdominals. And it’s great for people at home because it puts you in the perfect form.

Before starting resistance training with an ab apparatus, it is important to build a fitness program. In fact, you can use the equipment to workout your abs like a few minutes daily, or larger curriculum 2 to 3 times a week.

Ab Rocket Twister: User Feedback From Amazon.com

“Got the twister 2 weeks ago. Have been using it daily and I feel great. I never buy stuff off tv but a friend recommended this and I can actually feel results and it doesn’t strain my back. I started at less then 20 crunches and now I can do over 50 already! My belt is already down one hole size which is amazing. Love it.”
“This is a good product for beginers or those with a weak back. It works as described and you can feel it in your abdominals.”
“Ab Rocket Twister is by far the best at home ab system I ever used. It is very easy to use and after about two weeks, I saw amazing results. Highly recomended.”

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer: Benefits

  • The resistance fitness apparatus has many advantages. In fact, the ab toner accommodates, first of all, comfort and easiness.
  • The Ab Rocket Twister is compact and because it is shaped like a chair, it is motivating you to use it more often.
  • Abdominal workout is secure with a resistance training apparatus.
  • Ab Apparatus are cheaper to purchase than a yearly subscription to the gym, so it saves you money. The return of investment is very quick.
  • This product does not just help people achieve great abs, it also helps them increase the strength of their entire body. When you feel strong and energetic, you are able to perform a variety of activities and sports, without feeling exhausted
  • The final benefit, but not the least, is that the abdominal training device makes you take care of yourself and your health right in your house, whenever you want, without having to get out.

Ab Rocket Twister: Features

  • 30 day trail offer
  • Full motion workout for the abdominal
  • Tighter and sexier abs in just 5 minutes a day
  • Supports your head and neck to minimize train
  • Rock back and forth to tighten and tone your core
  • Includes Ab Rocket Twister, 3 levels of resistance bands, meal plan and workout DVDs

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer: Pros and Cons

  • It has been featured on TV
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is is endorsed by the celebrities traines Adam Von Rothfelder, and reality star Rebecca Cardon and I don’t think they would risk their name if the product was not efficient
  • It lets you exercise while watching your favorite series on TV in the comfort of your home. Even if you have a hectic work pace, you will easily be able to practice 5 minutes a day at home
  • It is really efficient if you use it correctly: I have lost one size after 3 weeks practice only, and my BMI is now down to 24 and counting
  • You can try it risk-free for a month
  • The twisting base is definitely the best part! Super efficient, it works really well on your obliques and you can feel them each time you practice, even for just a few minutes. It delivers 100% on this one


  • It is not meant for obese people, nor the very tall persons
  • I don’t like the quality of the cushioning: it is ok if you train with 100% cotton outfit, but I don’t like the feel on my bare skin or with synthetic clothing onTip: I used a set of old towels and a few velcro straps to cover the cushions, and it’s now SO comfy!
  • Back massage from the rolling cushions: did I miss something? I never felt anything like that. Anyway that’s not why I got the machine, and I use it like 5 minutes per day, but this is definitely not a benefit of the product.
  • The free DVDs and training meal plan are just there to say they give something away for free, but they have no real value

Ab Rocket Twister: What includes?

  • Ab Rocket with Ab Rocket handles
  • 6 resistance springs
  • 2 upper body bands
  • 4 safety straps
  • 10 recipe cards
  • 17-page Blast Away the Calories Meal Plan
  • Workout DVD
  • Screw driver with 2 screws
  • Assembly instructions
  • Safety sheet

Ab Rocket Twister: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Ab Rocket Twister by following the link on official web site.

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