Aluma Wallet: What is it?

Order Aluma Wallet In Stores OnlineWe are in a new age of technology, and it’s obvious, because As Seen On TV has now created a wallet that will help protect your identity. The new fascinating product is called the Aluma Wallet, and there seems to be a lot of credibility to what the infomercial claims. The phenomenal feature that sets this wallet apart from others is that it supposedly has the ability to keep your credit cards safe. Safe from identity theft, that is.

Aluma Wallet also helps you get rid of those bulky wallets that usually occupy lots of rooms of your pocket and purse. It really keeps all your pocket valuables organize and easy for you to find whenever you need them. This is indeed a perfect gift suggestion for you and your friends.

Aluma Wallet: What does it work?

This item is convenient and easy to use. It has an aluminum casing and a snap closure that can be popped open. Once open, the wallet reveals accordion slipcases that hold all of your cards and other items. The bills or cards can be easily slipped out, used, and then slipped right back into their organized spot.

Aluma Wallet: Benefits

  • Trendy, Stylish, sturdy in cool colors yet super lightweight wallet case for ID cards, documents, credit cards, business cards, money etc.
  • 7 compartments made of durable PVC for many Cards
  • Different surfaces (smooth & milled)
  • The magnetic strips of cards in the box are protected from electromagnetic radiation and moisture
  • User-friendly and space-saving mounting of credit cards
  • Extra pocket for receipts, business cards
  • Coin with donor function for storage of coins
  • Stainless steel money clip for bills
  • Material: anodized aluminum and plastic
  • Color: Blue, Silver, Black, Red
  • Water-resistant material

Aluma Wallet As Seen On TV: Features

  • Composed up of unbreakable aluminum die-fast alloy
  • Ultra-slim case that can fit the tightest of pockets
  • Waterproof to ensure your valuables stay dry
  • Compact size that allows men and women to take full advantage of its space
  • Will last longer than a regular wallet due to its composition

Aluma Wallet: Pros and Cons


  • It is durable – With an outer shell made from aluminum, it is designed to last a lot longer than many other kinds of wallets. This makes it quite resistant to wear and tear
  • It is waterproof – Many of us have accidentally dropped our wallet in the water. A waterproof wallet like this one will protect the contents inside and will prevent them from being damaged by water
  • It can protect your from identity theft – If you’re worried about the security of your credit cards and identity theft, this might be the wallet for you. The way this wallet is constructed, when the cards are in their wallets, the aluminium shell prevents wireless scanners from even detecting the chips on your credit cards as it blocks all information transmission


  • Of course, no product is perfect and there are a few downsides to even the best ones. Various Aluma Wallet reviews online can confirm this. One of the main complaints is the size of the wallet
  • Some people who are used to larger wallets complain that it is not as big as other ones. While it is certainly not designed to keep your checkbook in, you can still comfortably store a wide range of items in it
  • Also, It is not available in local stores, so buying online is an only option for the people looking to buy Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet – Aluminum Wallet: Who can use it?

This trendy and super light wallet is designed for both men and women to hold their stuff securely and safely. The wallet fits perfectly well in men’s pocket and is also perfect for a ladies’ handbag. You can not only keep your cards safely but also protect your livelihood with this smart wallet.

Aluma Wallet: What includes?

  • 1 Aluma Wallet in Black or Silver

Aluma Wallet: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can get a special offer if you order from their official website: Today, as part of this special limited time internet offer, we’ll send you the amazing Silver Aluma Wallet™ at the low introductory price of just $10.99, plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Order today and we’ll also include a BONUS second Aluma Wallet™ with your order at no extra charge, just pay a separate $4.99 processing and handling.

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