My Best Fish Friend: What is it?

My Best Fish Friend (My BFF) As Seen On TV is really a new technology play equipment suitable as a specific educative present for all occasions! By using easy recommendations, you’re able to breed your own personal tiny fish anytime you like moment! By means of high-tech biological technology, rare fish eggs are comprised inside of special small “My Best Fish Friend” bags prepared to be hatched and their entire growing process can be closely observed. Children can develop their own personal fish friend and have countless hours of fishy fun together with the My Best Fish Friend kit. You would like to have your own fish, representing the amazing, the great, the best “My Best Fish Friend”. You are able to name them, they’ll become a part of you, My BFF may be shared with your families, friends. Its incredible, its awesome science wonder pouch + water = Live Fish. Raise your own lovely living fish, you may also view them develop by placing them in a dish. You’ve never seen anything similar to this.

My Best Fish Friend: What does it work?

Watch up to Eight real live fish grow from teeny embryo into adult, wonderful fish. They are real fish, provided by Africa or South America locations.
User friendly: simply drop the Miracle Pouch inside the clean water to get going. You may also make use of regular water, whether it’s without any rust. Simply just put it under the sun for two hours to get rid of all chlorine. Make absolutely certain it’s room heat prior to putting the pouch. Baby Fish hatch within twenty four hours. My Best Fish Friend develop to eight full-sized fish within weeks.
No air pumping systems or heating elements are needed to grown and raise your own personal Best Fish Friend. As long as they have fresh, water that is clean and fresh brine shrimp, they are happy.
Provides countless hours of educational fun for children and adults alike, recommended for ages 3 or more.

My Best Fish Friend: Tips

  • The perfect room temperatures for MY Best Fish Friends is 60-95-F
  • Should the miracle pouch hatch lower than 8 fish the 1st time, take away the pouch from the water, gently pat the pouch a few times with paper towel or tissue paper, making sure not to squeeze the pouch, and place it back in the plastic bag. Wait around 10-15 days and do it again the hatching process
  • My Best Fish Friends will usually not eat for their first couple of days
  • The more you feed them, the more quickly and larger they’ll grow
  • Always transport MY Best Fish Friends in to a new container together with their existing water.
  • My Best Fish Friend: Warnings

  • Adult supervision is needed for all young kids using My Best Fish Friend
  • In case a number of your MY BFFs grow more rapidly and bigger than others, you might transfer them to another container if you notice them biting or harassing smaller fish. Once every one of the MY BFFs have grown to regular size, they could be schooled collectively
  • My Best Fish Friend: What includes?

  • My Best Fish Friend Miracle Pouch
  • One-month supply of brine shrimp food
  • Brine shrimp food containers
  • Magnifying glass (your MyBFF fish are quite tiny when they first hatch)
  • Food siphon
  • Measuring spoon
  • Breeding manual
  • Plus, you are able to upgrade to the Deluxe My Best Fish Friend kit, which comes with a sleek fish bowl for housing and raising your new My BFFs.

    My Best Fish Friend: Order Details and Where to Buy?

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