Bake Pops: What is it?

Order Bake Pops OnlineBake Pops are the latest sensation and now you can make these delicious treats in your own home! It’s so easy! Just fill the specially designed Bake Pop pan with ANY cake mix, put on the custom lid and POP it in the oven. Before you know it, you’ll have 18 bite-sized cake pops ready to decorate and eat! Similar treats cost bundles at your local bakery and you can’t customize them the way you’d like. With Bake Pops, you can create any cake pops you can imagine – perfect for birthdays, holidays or anytime! Adding Bake pops to an individuals kitchen is a sure method to inject new life into baking & transforms the most cherished baking product(cake) into an appetizing and portable cake pop- resembling those seen in Starbucks and cake shops. Bake pops are the best treats anytime, you should make them at home and you will see how entertaining they can be.

Bake Pops: What does it work?

Bake Pops work great with vanilla sponge cake, chocolate cake mix, red velvet cake or a swirly blend of two flavors. This specially designed baking pan even works with brownie mix.

After the spheres are filled and the pan is covered with the second half of the mold, it goes into the oven for approximately 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Bake Pops baking pans should not be exposed to temperatures above 375 degrees, and they should be hand washed. Once the cake pops are cool, the top of the mold can be removed. To complete the cake pops, insert sticks that have been dipped in candy coating or melted chocolate chips blended with a small amount of shortening.

Dipping the cooked cake pops in melted chocolate or a colored candy coating creates a delicious surface to decorate and also helps secure the cake pop to the stick. While the candy coating is still warm, covered cake pops can be rolled in colored sprinkles, nonpareils and chopped nuts or drizzled with another layer of chocolate.

Bake Pops: Tips

  • Dip end of stick in colored candy coating. Set in bake pop and allow it to harden. This makes bake pops easier for handling
  • Add 2 tsp of veg shortening or 1 table spoon of vegetable oil to make candy coating smoother and easier to work with
  • Be sure to work with warm candy coating. If starts to cool simply warm it up again

Bake Pops: Features

  • Uses any cake mix
  • Easy to serve with nothing to clean up
  • Just dip, decorate and devour
  • Customize with decorations for any occasion
  • Includes one Bake Pop pan, and one lid

Bake Pops As Seen On TV: Benefits

  • You can make 12 cake pops or donuts in minutes with the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
  • It has a non-stick surface for easy clean-up
  • It comes with an instruction booklet, sample recipes, cake pop sticks, a fork tool and a cooling/decorating stand
  • You can eat the cake pops and/or donuts plain or decorate them first
  • You get about 3 dozen cake pops from a regular single layer cake recipe

Bake Pops: Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use and to clean
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • The cake pops cook quickly
  • Cheaper than buying pre-made desserts
  • Great for entertaining
  • It is small enough for quick storage
  • Includes a reusable, non-stick pan


  • May need to buy multiples for big parties
  • Cake mix not included
  • Nobody can stop after one

Bake Pops: What includes?

  • 1 Bake Pop Pan
  • 18 Reusable Pop Sticks
  • 18 Wraps and Ties
  • Decorating Idea Guide
  • Icing Squeeze Bottle

Bake Pops: Order Details and Where to Buy?

Bake Pops comes with two sets of pans, two handy decorating ideas guides, 2 squeeze bottles, 18 reusable pop sticks, and 18 wraps & ties – the complete package for creating tasty, beautiful cake pops.

Order a set of Bake Pops costs $19.95, plus shipping & handling by following the link on Official Site. For something that will keep your kids occupied for hours and will even form a great introduction to baking, this is a great price.

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