Bendaroos: What is it?

Order Bendaroos OnlineBendaroos – now you can interest children for a long time! It is improbable, my niece cannot simply come off these magic wands. It simply any insanity: it has stuck round the hand-made articles all house. The child develops the imagination, learns the world through tactile sensations, moulds and pleases us. In all it is guilty Bendaroos: the soft bending sticks of the most different colours similar to plasticine, but do not leave traces and are absolutely harmless to health.

Bendaroos are made of wax and colored orlon yarn. The Bendaroos hold their shape as you stick and press them together. You can create amazing works of art, little toys, decorations for your kids walls and windows, etc. They are non-toxic and they have extensive test reports to back this up. The Bendaroos do not bleed into fabric, paint, or skin since the color of each Bendaroo is actually the yarn inside the wax, not the wax itself. This product has been tested and found safe for kids 3 and up according to ASTM F063-2007 and CPSIA. Keep away from kids under 3 and animals as they could become a choking hazard.

Bendaroos: What does it work?

When you buy Bendaroos, you will get a variety of colorful sticks and a step by step instruction guide that will show you and your children how to turn these sticks into a wide variety of creations. There are entire projects that you can work on together, or you can just let your child decide what they want to make. These are safe for children over the age of three years old and require no glue. They also don’t leave any stains or any mess, and they can be cut if you want smaller pieces.

Bendaroos: User Feedback From

“I bought Bendaroos for my 7 years old daughter, because she was asking and asking. I thought it would be a one day toy, but she keeps doing things out of them. It is really great. In general she is creative, likes drawing very much. She even fix things with them. She takes them everywhere. It’s a really good buy.”

“This product works just like they advertise! We now have all kinds of new decorations on our walls, names on doors, and 3-d works of art. My son is only 4 so they are a little hard for him to work with, but he likes being the designer/decorater. My 2 yr old daughter likes to remove/undo everything, but the sticks can be reused and still look great.”

“Awesome product for your creative types. Art is 3-D. Buy the largest package size you can afford; I have twin 9 year old boys and this provided a few afternoons of dedicated fun. Highly recommended!”

“My 8 and 5 year old boys received Bendaroos for X-mas. They have a lot a fun making creations everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere on our walls. The 5 year old has a hard time making things stick together and stay on the wall. But the 8 year old has made permanent fixtures to his room. It’s not messy, but the strings can fall and get lost if you don’t keep on top if it. They are OK, not a “favorite” gift by any means.”

Bendaroos: Benefits and Features

  • 250 Rainbow and 250 Neon Bendaroos
  • 10 Traceable Templates
  • Simple to use fun guide with step by step instructions how to make your favorite creations
  • Tested safe and approved for fun, Build, draw, decorate and transform ordinary objects into incredibly fun toys
  • No glue, no stains, no mess, Ages 3+

Bendaroos: Pros and Cons


  • Bendaroos are flexible and durable and stick to surfaces and together well. There is no mess and the fun guide gives you plenty of ideas of objects to make


  • Building with Bendaroos is very tedious and difficult

Bendaroos: What includes?

The Bendaroos Mega Pack comes with 500 Bendaroo pieces including 250 Rainbow and 250 Neon colors, 10 Traceable Templates, and a great instructional step-by-step guide to start off our Bendaroos Creations.

Bendaroos: Order Details and Where to Buy?

When it was first released Bendaroos retailed for $20 plus shipping and handling, which got you double the order for a total of 500 strings. You can get the same kid now for less than $10 which includes shipping by following the link on Official Web Site. You can also find it at brick-and-mortar retailers like Toys “R” Us.

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