The Brazil Butt Lift: Surgical procedures or Exercise?

You might have heard about this new fad about lifting and shaping your saggy buttocks by way of a cosmetic procedure known as the Brazil Butt Lift. A lot of women are going underneath the knife to get that what are named as perfect bum that appears great at all angles. The problem is the process is not 100% effective. For that matter there have been a lot of complaints their bottoms now have a strange, uneven shape or the lift didn’t do what it really guaranteed to do. This is certainly extremely disappointing, understandably, after spending 1000s of dollars and many weeks having to heal.

The good thing is renowned Brazilian fitness trainer to the top level Super models like Allesandra Ambrosia and Giselle Bundchen, Leandro Carvalho, has developed a lower body sculpting and medium intensity cardio exercise program known as the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Program which has boasted many beautiful, healthy, amazing pre and post results for a lot of women. Plus it is less expensive then $100! So for way less then a fraction of the price surgery would set you back and within a guaranteed 6 week time period, your buttocks may be significantly more firm and lifted!

Does The Brazil Butt Lift Really Work as Advertised?

The next question is going to be, obviously, does it really work? And actually the result here amazed me – The Brazil Butt Lift workout appears to be a lot more than just some of those ‘fad’ workouts that you see on television. Brazil Butt Lift is a spectacular workout program, specifically for the lower body, and it is designed to make it easy to get a great work out in wherever you are, or the length of time you have.

Additionally, when you begin combining the Brazil Butt Lift program with some other popular ‘time-crunch’ programs such as the popular Insanity programs and P90X, or even some mild weight training exercise, then you’ll really start to see some amazing results.
Let me tell you what is included for every DVD.

1st The Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD:

  • Fundamentals moves – instructional on the steps included in the next workout routines
  • Bum Bum – Leandro’s personal workout, consists of squats, lunges, leg lifts, Brazil butts etc.
  • Bum Bum rapido – quicker variation of bum bum workout
  • Bum Bum Live – one-on-one training.
  • A lot of lunges, squats, etc. in an aerobic form of workout.
  • 2nd The Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD:

  • Thе High & Tight Workouts focus on all the major trouble spots such as the hips, butt and saddlebags. There are many floor and standing resistance routines in which you use exercise bands and ankle weights.
  • Standing work with bands
  • Floor work with bands
  • Floor work with ankle weights
  • The Sculpt Workout – 45 minute workout using weights. Excellent workout. That one does include torso exercises with weights.
  • 3rd The Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD:

  • Cardio Axe – a 45 minutes high aerobic brazil butts workout with a little bit of dance steps in it, which are excellent fat-burning, cardio-blasting, and dance-based workouts.
  • Abdominoplasty – very traditional ab work, situps, crunches, leg lifts, etc.
  • Details of Brazil Butt Lift Workout Product:

  • Brazil Butt Lift – Workout DVD (English and Spanish language)
  • 3-DVD workout system created to reduce, shape, and lift your behind
  • Proven TriAngle Training technique works all 3 major buttocks muscles
  • Combines Brazilian dance, cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves
  • Includes such workouts as High & Tight, Bum Bum, Sculpt, and Cardio Attack
  • Incorporates Booty Makeover Guide, Fat-Burning Food Guide, and Booty Basics video
  • If you’re looking for the ideal beach body, the Brazil Butt Lift is certainly one program which should definitely be used. At one major retailer, 138 people rated this program and 116 gave it either 4 or 5 stars. It’s not wonder this program is extremely popular. The results will be seen in no time at all and you’ll be out fitting swimsuits eager to show off your new look. Other people will be amazed also.

    Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD Review – Watch Brazil Butt Lift Workout Video