Slim Clip Money Clip: What is It?

Slim Clip is the innovative new concept wallet that organizes your money. You are able to keep both plastic cards and cash in ways that makes it simple to find. Although slim and sleek, the Slim Clip holds up to six bank cards and 30 bills. As well as being very trendy looking and certainly cool. It features a chrome finish.

The Slim Clip Money Clip also has edges that you could scarcely see on the photograph on either side on the clip. This is to help hold your credit cards and money neatly available. Easily fit the Slim Clip in your pocket book, bag or purse and keep your cash organized. Find your plastic cards or cash fast.

Slim Clip Money Clip: Product Includes

  • 1 Slim Clip
  • 1 Flashlight Keychain
  • FREE BONUS (Just Pay P&H)
  • Additional FREE Slim Clip
  • FREE Flashlight Keychain

Slim Clip: Benefits and Features

  • From Credit Cards to Cash, You’ll Always Find it Fast
  • Patent pending double-sided grip tight clips that safely support 30 bills on one side, & 6 credit cards on the other side
  • Slim Clip Money Clip have particular raised edges and locking clips, so you can shake all you need and nothing will ever drop out
  • Manufactured from durable chrome steel
  • Sleek & ultra thin
  • Fits easily in your wallet, purse or bag

Where to buy Slim Clip Money Clip?

You can buy this Slim Clip Money Clip by following the link.

Slim Clip Money Clip Review – Watch Video Slim Clip