Does Shed Pal Actually work?

Shed Pal is a hand-held pet vacuum cleaner designed to very easily and safely to completely clean the loose fur from your cat or dog. It is easy to use on your pet because grooming them becomes simpler and it will not be painful for them. It has a motor that actually works so calmly and will not create any noises when you are grooming your dog. It’ll make your cat or dog look clean and good-looking. It’s not difficult to clean the Shed Pad. When you’re done grooming your dog, all you have to do is open up, turn on and eject the contents safely to a disposal part of your choice. By using this pet vacuum cleaner won’t be messy. With Shed Pal, you groom your furry friend while eliminating loose hair that clings to your clothing, household furniture, and floor covering. The Shed Pad has massing nubs on the u-shaped brush that pulls in the shedding hair of your family pet. The canister will suck it in and in a few moments the vac will get hold of the shedding hair. You’ll love how the vacuum power sucks in the unwanted pet hair, making cleanup simple and efficient.

Advantages of the Shed Pal include:

Portable for simple control
Massaging rubber nubs for your animal’s comfort
No painful wire bristles
Vacuum power for mess free cleanup
Quiet operation
Safe and pain-free

Best Way to Get Rid of Pet Hair

One bad aspect of long-haired pets is the length of time you have to spend getting rid of their shedded fur from your clothes, carpets and home furniture every day. The Shed Pal works quickly plus much more effectively than other systems for removing this unwanted pet hair}. If people come to visit they will not even know you have a pet unless they see it. You can rest assured using this grooming system it is pain free and can leave your dog looking superbly shiny and healthful.

You Can Get Extra Bonus!

Your Shed Pal also may include a cloth fur-removing head to remove pet hair from clothing and fabric. When you order one Shed Pal, you can get a 2nd Shed Pal free with the special purchase one get one free offer. Keep one Shed Pal at home and one in the automobile for pet hair removal on the go.

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