The Super Wave Oven is an innovative kitchen gadget which will revolutionize the method that you cook. The Super Wave Oven cooks food approximately 3 times faster than the usual conventional oven and uses up to 80% much less electricity, rendering it a convenient, effective, cost-effective approach to cook tasty foods.

The Sharper Image Super Wave Oven – Roasts, Bakes, Broils, Air Fries, Boils, & Steams!

The key to the usefulness and effectiveness of the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven is its exclusive Tri-Cooking Technology, that uses three ways of cooking to easily accomplish perfect final results:

  • Halogen heating unit sears the meals to seal in healthy natural juices, supplying moist, delicious results
  • Infra-red light waves prepare your food internally, ensuring evenly cooked meals
  • Convection fan circulates heat, speeding the preparing food process

Utilizing similar cooking technologies as restaurant quality ovens this ground breaking counter-top cooker simplifies your lifetime with the cooking and provides perfectly cooked, healthy food. A convection fan circulates heat and air round the food so your meals are cooked evenly each time. Infrared light waves tenderly cook food from the inside out, so that your meals are always cooked perfectly.

The Super Wave Oven As Seen On TV will cook entire foods, rich flavor, up to 3 times faster than a traditional oven. Busy day? Forgot to take supper from the freezer? The Super Wave Oven cooks meals from freezing solid. No defrosting or preheating required. This counter-top oven likewise helps reduce extra fat and grease out of your food by permitting the surplus oil to drip in to the basin while your food cooks on the rack. You’ll serve healthier meals without having to sacrifice flavor.

Cleanup using the Super Wave is a breeze. It’s virtually self cleaning. Just add soap and water to the basin, set to clean and the oven will clean itself while you eat. Simply rinse the basin and you’re finished. The glass basin and rack are dishwasher safe. Clean up has never been more effortless. The Super Wave is Eco-friendly and cost effective, using up to 80% less energy than traditional ovens.

Just forget about traditional ovens, stove tops and micro waves. Presenting The Sharper Image Super Wave Oven, a flexible cooker that combines halogen heat, convection and infra-red technologies keeping meals moist inside and browned and crispy on the exterior without using added fats or oils.

The Sharper Image Super Wave Oven Reviews – Watch As Seen On Tv Super Wave Oven Video