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Grill Daddy: What is it?

Order Grill Daddy OnlineThe Grill Daddy is the grill cleaning tool that uses the power of steam to quickly & easily remove baked-on food, cooked-on grease, and charred residue from your grill. With just a few easy brush strokes of the Grill Daddy, your barbecue grill is left spotless, sanitary, and in tip-top shape – ready for your next grilling adventure. The Grill Daddy is made with heavy duty stainless steel bristles that are designed to clean the grate to its original surface.
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Easy Reach Plant Pulley: What is it?

Order Easy Reach Plant Pulley OnlineEasy Reach Plant Pulley is the ultimate pulley system for your home plants. It allows you to raise up and lower your hanging plants in a flash to water and care for them, using a user-friendly pulley system.

Watering cans are heavy and messy and hoses are a chore, but with Easy Reach, you can care for your hanging plants with just a gentle touch. Just pull down the basket, and Easy Reach holds it stable while you tend to the plant, then retracts when you are finished.
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