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Dog-e-minder: What is it?

Order Dog-e-minder OnlineHow many times have you found yourself staring at your dog’s food bowl wondering if anyone had fed the dog already or if you need to? You no longer have to wonder thanks to Dog-e-Minder, a product designed to take the guess work out of what your pet has done while you were away. The Dog-e-Minder is a convenient way to keep track of your dogs feeding schedule, bathroom schedule and medications all located right on your dogs collar. The Dog-e-Minder is a very user friendly device with three buttons with easily identifiable pictures. This device could also be a life saver to anyone that owns a diabetic animal or one that has health conditions. The Dog-e-minder takes the guess work out of wondering when the last time you gave insulin or fed your dog.
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Dog E Glow LED Dog Leashes: What is it?

Order Dog E Glow OnlineLight up the dark with designer style and brilliant LED illumination! Dog-E-Glow LED Dog Collar & Lead make dark evenings and nights fashionably safe for you and your dog. Simply push the button to activate the LED light that is visible up to 1,000 feet away in the dark. Choose between two light settings, constant ON or blinking, to alert cars and people of your presence.
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Crazy Critters Dog Toy – As Seen On TV Products Online

Crazy Critters: What is it?

Order Crazy Critters OnlineCrazy Critters are ultra durable and realistic looking plush toys that will provide your best friend with hours of playful fun. What makes them different from other dog toys is that they are stuffing-free, you’ll never have to clean up the mess from a ripped stuffed animal again, plus your pet won’t ever be tempted to eat the stuffing, which could be harmful to its health.
Crazy Critters is made for small, large, old and puppies alike. It’s machine-washable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It comes in a life-like fox or raccoon character. Squeakers are built-in the head and tail to capture any dog’s attention. In fact, the squeakers can keep your dog occupied for hours on end.
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Potty Patch As Seen On TV Review – Dogs Potty Pads

Potty Patch: What is it?

Order Potty Patch OnlineThe Potty Patch was created to help dog owners solve the problem of potty training their puppies. It is also designed for adult dogs to use since the artificial grass it is made from is an ideal alternative to going outside if their owner is not in to let them out. The basic construction is plastic and the Potty Patch comes in three parts. There is the artificial grass, the grate to keep the grass away from the tray underneath, and the bottom collection tray itself.
The Astroturf gives dog owners a chance to train their dogs or puppies to be clean inside the house. The tray can gradually be moved outside with puppies so they eventually know to go on the lawn. Alternatively the Potty Patch can be kept indoors so that older dogs have somewhere to go if their owner works during the day. In this sense the product helps to stop unwanted puddles indoors and solves tricky situations if an owner cannot get home at the usual time to let the dog out.
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Emery Cat Board: What is it?
Buy Emery Cat Board In Stores
Is the furniture in your home being ruined by your cat’s irresistible urge to scratch? Have you tried to clip your feline friend’s nails, only to be met with their squirming and painful cries of protest? How many cat houses have you set up around your house in the past in efforts to curve your cat’s destructive clawing behaviors? Unfortunately, your cat is unable to ignore the basic instinct of scratching.
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