Clip 2 Ear: What is it?

Order Clip 2 Ear OnlineClip2Ear is the world’s first hands free flashlight. Whether it’s safety or functionality, the Clip2Ear gives you the freedom that you want. There is no more struggling to read at night, fix those hard to reach places without balancing a light, and always have a emergency light handy. The Clip2Ear gives you the mobility you want with the convenience that you need. Light weight and durable, this is the last flashlight you will ever need. Clip 2 Ear claims to be the world‚Äôs first hands-free flashlight, worn on your ear, sort of like a Bluetooth for your cell phone. Pretty easy to see that this frees up both of your hands so you done have to worry about holding the flashlight and getting things done at the same time. But does this really work, reserve reason why someone hasn’t invented a light for your ear by now.

Clip 2 Ear: What does it work?

Clip2Ear is the best companion for security and police duty where a flashlight on the ear keeps the hands free to check around and patrol with ease. It is also a perfect fit to keep in the car to help in providing light during breakdown, change of tire, etc. Trying to fix things in hard to reach places like plumbing pipelines, electrical lines, etc will be so easy with Clip2Ear providing light as well as freedom to use both the hands. In fact it can even be used by kids during Halloween to light up their dark streets. Those products which come as a light to read books at night are not worth enough and Clip2Ear can easily replace their need.

More and more uses can be literally added to the amazing Clip 2 Ear which is powered with batteries and an LED bulb inside. This unique product with patent pending design is now available for purchase and an amazing offer of getting one Clip2Ear absolutely free with the order of one Clip2Ear.

Clip2Ear: User Feedback From

«Much better option than buying a new bluetooth. This replacement earhook is very simple and has a fair price. Excelent option»

«The product is better than the original. The soft foam fits much more comfortably in the ear. Don’t wait until you lose the original. I would suggest buying it and throw the original away.»

«One of the great things about my Motorola H15 earpiece is its compact size and weight. This means the ear hook and earpiece covers are light weight and will probably get misplaced, break, or wear out before rest of the h15 does. This little kit provides several different shaped earpiece covers that work as well as the original or better. It also has 4 ear hook replacements that work perfectly. This is one of the best cheap adders to an order for a blue tooth earpiece you can find.»

«So far I am happy with the ear piece. The price was very, very reasonable and the ear piece seems to be as durable, if not more durable than the original. Time will tell since I have only had them for about 2 weeks, but I have multiple back-ups which you do not get with the bluetooth device. I recommend this product.»

Clip 2 Ear: Benefits

Ear clips are earphones that provide a custom fit for a wearer’s ear. Using extra pieces of material, they fit across and over the contour of ears so that the earphones do not slip off accidentally. Ear clips are usually used with personal Audio devices such as mp3 players, CD players and portable gaming systems. Ear clip earphones can be made out of silicon, which allow wearers to wash the ear clips and prolong their functionality. With Ear bud holder of Clip2ear, you can enjoy great music without your ear buds keep falling out. Clip2Ear gives an extra finger” to keep your ear buds in place and lets you enjoy your music the way it’s meant to be heard.

Ear clip earphones can also be purchased to complement the personal lifestyles of the wearer. Water-resistant ear clips may be purchased by those who live in areas where rain is common. Ear clips with retractable cords may be attractive to those who don’t have time to fumble with knotting or tangled cords. Ear clip earphones can be ideal for athletes or other individuals are in a constant state of movement and fear that their earphones may loosen from their ears. Similarly, individuals like students or work commuters may find them to be indispensable while traveling to their destinations. In-line volume control also makes it possible to control the volume of personal devices without having to handle the main device.

Ear clips may also have extra features that wearers can find useful. For example, they may contain built-in microphones and buttons that control calls for those who wish to use them in conjunction with cell phones. Mute buttons allow wearers to better control calls that take place in loud places. An advantage of ear clips is that they provide quality sound while still retaining an “open” design that keeps wearers alert of their surroundings.

Clip2Ear: Features:

  • Hands-Free
  • Customizable
  • Sleek
  • Powerful
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive

Clip 2 Ear: It is perfect for

  • Moms
  • Police
  • Kids on Halloween
  • Campers
  • Plumbers
  • Mechanics
  • Security Personell
  • Bartenders
  • E.M.T’s

Clip2Ear: Measurements

Clip 2 Ear has the following measurements: 1.5 inches long, by 0.25 inches wide, by 0.75 inches high.

Clip 2 Ear: Recommendation

This is one 2-for-1 offer that we don’t mind recommending. Some companies make you order two products even when it doesn’t really make sense to have two of them. This is one product where it makes sense to keep one in the car, as well as one in the home. Even if you don’t find a use for these on a regular basis, they’re still good to have around for emergency situations.

Clip2Ear: What includes?

  • 1 Clip2Ear

Clip 2 Ear: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Clip 2 Ear $9.99 plus shipping and handling by following the link on official web site.

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