Contour Abs Belt: What is it?

Order Contour Abs Abdominal Belt OnlineAbdominal belts have become quite essential in the fitness industry. The sole reason for using abdominal belts b is to make sure that the core muscles are well-prepared for contraction to notice the best results. With the hectic work schedules, people do not really get time to visit the gym and spend long hours doing workouts to get rid of excess body fat. With the help of ab toning belts, you can tone the abs faster within the comfort of your own home. If you are really keen to opt for an abdominal belt to get rid of excess belly fat, you need to ensure that you have chosen the right belt that can provide effective results. Contour Abs is essentially another contraption using an electric current to make your muscles contract. In this incarnation, it’s a belt with a battery pack you slap on around your waist while watching TV, reading or otherwise just sitting around. To ensure conductivity, you have to apply and replace gel pads against your skin.

There is one such ab toning belt that has been considered as one of the best and effective belts for sculpting the abdomen. It is the popularly known, Contour CoreBelt. Your dream of having great abs will no longer remain a dream as the Contour CoreBelt will make your dream a reality. You can now achieve sexy and strong abs with the help of the rapid fire muscle stimulation of Contour belt.

Contour Abs Abdominal Belt: What does it work?

The Contour belt is designed to be used for five times every week with 30 to 45 minutes of time duration per session. These sessions include 5 minutes of warming up as well as cooling down sessions for 15 minutes. The Contour abs with EMS technology consists of a belt with electronic stimulators that are present behind the gel pads. The pads need to be placed directly on the stomach, abdomen and midriff in order to work towards toning and tightening the muscles. You can make use of the Contour abs to obtain significant results without going through the hard muscle toning exercises. You can follow the simple steps given below to use the Contour abs effectively.

As a first step, the abdomen and stomach area needs to be thoroughly washed to ensure that the adhesive of gel pad does not get affected by any kind of dirt or related obstructions. After completing the process of washing those areas, the skin needs to be dried completely.

The protective plastic film pieces that are present in the gel pads need to be peeled off. Thereafter, the film pieces should be preserved for later use for gel pad protection after using the Contour abs.

The yellow stripe need to be fixed directly on the navel also known as belly button, and the belt should be placed downwards. The corner side of the strap should be slid through towards the loop at the end side of the Contour abs. Always ensure that the belt is pressed properly before using it.

The power button needs to be pressed for the display to prompt instantly. You can use buttons with signs of + as well as – towards the beginning of the control console. To switch programs you can press with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The ‘Select’ button colored in red should be pushed to advance the level of program and choose the exercise program as per your need. The resistance level should be specifically used by beginners for toning the abs.

After completion of program, the power needs to be turned off and the strap has to be released from your back, and gently pull off the belt by gripping near the gel pads by pulling it slowly.
Lastly, you can place the film pieces on gel pads in the same position like earlier. By following these steps mentioned above, you can use the Contour CoreBelt with ease.

Contour Abs Belt: User Feedback From

«I’m a skeptic by nature, so the Slendertone FlexPro Abdominal Muscle Toner seemed like a ‘joke’ to me when I received it as part of the Amazon Vine Program. My husband, a guy who works out daily and has for over 30 years, spotted this item and decided he wanted to be my ‘guinea pig’ for the test drive of this item. For the record he is ‘fit’ = 165 pounds, 5’10”, 32″ waist, 10% bodyfat and does abdominal exercises daily. He’s also 74 years old.»

«When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Slendertone came well equipped; it came with its own batteries (big plus! 3 x AAA), 3 electrode-gel pads, a nice little carrying bag, assorted other items, and a pretty solid looking Slendertone. The device itself looks a bit like a girdle with an electronics module and mini-display; the module has a few buttons on the sides to control the programming, and the mini-display is cleverly positioned to facilitate operation. It would’ve been nice if they included a memory option to have the device recall the last used strength setting, so I wouldn’t have to re-program each time upon use.»

«This ab exerciser does exactly what it claims. I am very surprised at the strength at which it contracts my abs on only 3 AAA’s!! I mean wow. I have to gradually work my way up to the full setting,. It is very effective. My abs hurt for days after the first couple sessions with this thing.»

«Ok, how many are fooled by this that these are supposed to give you incredible abs just like that? being lazy, but using this on our bellies? Well, with a good diet and at least some light exercising, I think these are great! I can really feel them working my muscles! I am 110lbs with just a little grab around my belly button, so I thought I could try this and just give them a boost with trying this belt. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I see a TINY difference. I use it longer than suggested and a few times during the day and night.»

Contour Abs – The Contour Core Sculpting System: Benefits

There are so many benefits of Contour that it’s hard to list them down completely. However, the major advantages of using the Contour abs have been listed below for your reference. By going through these benefits, you will understand how useful and convenient this ab toning belt. This is precisely the reason why the users are so satisfied with the effects.

No more sweat and strain: The Contour abs technology has been used for many years by famous athletes as well as in medical centers. With this groundbreaking technology, you can simply replace the extended hours of sweating and straining, and give the whole ab workout in few minutes per day.

Say goodbye to sit-ups and crunches: Every session of Contour abs provides perfect contractions up to 150 with no signs of sweat. You need not to go through the hassle of performing strenuous sit-ups and crunches that require best form, when you have Contour abs belt do all the work for you.

Saves your time and needs no extra space: Unlike other ab toning products available in the market, the Contour abs saves you from the trouble of using other equipments, extra space, or a mat for lying on the floor. The Contour abs is portable and can be used from anywhere. In addition to being portable, the Contour abs is discreet and can be conveniently carried anywhere without obstructing your day to day work.

Suitable for all age groups: The Contour abs is suitable for people of all age groups as the Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology works excellently well towards toning the abdominal muscles. Also, people with weak muscles can use this Contour CoreBelt in order to efficiently gain strength and tone the muscles.

Completely safe and effective with FDA clearance: The Contour belt has been cleared by FDA for use in order to strengthen tone and recover healthy muscles. As the EMS technology is being used for decades at medical centers to diagnose medical problems, it is safer and uses effective electronic impulses than other products available in the market.

Contour Abs Belt: Features

  • Wear without others knowing
  • Firm your muscles
  • Tighten flabby abdominals
  • Stimulation is used to train your abs
  • Easy to use with great results
  • Operation is quiet while wearing
  • No need to get on the floor to do abdominal exercises
  • Used by athletes
  • Also used by everyday people
  • Easy and comfortable when wearing
  • Design hugs the body
  • Improves abdominals through targeting
  • Fits the majority of people
  • Wash the belt in the machine
  • Does not stress the heart
  • Provides outstanding results
  • Provides many more benefits not listed

Contour Abs: Pros and Cons


  • May help to improve the muscle strength and appearance of abdominal muscles
  • Easy to use and portable
  • FDA cleared
  • Comes with a diet and exercise plan


  • Loses out to The Flex Belt in user ratings
  • Requires batteries
  • Cannot replace an abdominal workout

Contour Abs – The Contour Core Sculpting System: What includes?

  • Contour abs
  • M2 Controller
  • 4 Electrodes
  • 4AAA Batteries
  • Diet and exercise Guide
  • 1 year warranty
  • Storage or Travel Clutch
  • Use and Care Manual
  • Instructional DVD

Contour Abs Abdominal Belt: Order Details and Where to Buy?

The cost of Contour abs is $199.80 approximately. 10% Off Web Offer – $179.80. Includes Free Standard Shipping. Save 33% on additional Contour Core Sculpting Systems; just pay the $14.95 trial fee. Get the $14.95 trial fee waived when you make your purchase with a single payment and upgrade to the two-year extended warranty for free!

You can order Contour Abs by following the link on official web site.

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