Crazy Critters: What is it?

Order Crazy Critters OnlineCrazy Critters are ultra durable and realistic looking plush toys that will provide your best friend with hours of playful fun. What makes them different from other dog toys is that they are stuffing-free, you’ll never have to clean up the mess from a ripped stuffed animal again, plus your pet won’t ever be tempted to eat the stuffing, which could be harmful to its health.
Crazy Critters is made for small, large, old and puppies alike. It’s machine-washable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It comes in a life-like fox or raccoon character. Squeakers are built-in the head and tail to capture any dog’s attention. In fact, the squeakers can keep your dog occupied for hours on end.

It is uniquely made with squeaking sound on both ends that keep your pets entertained. The squeaking sound makes the toy so interesting that your pet dogs will love to bite, pull, drag, pounce and toss it playfully. It gives them hours of safe and healthy fun play. Playing with Crazy Critters provides a good training for your pets to have a less destructive behavior and help their basic animal instincts get tamed.

Keeping them interested for something to chew will make them stay away from biting and tearing all other things around your home and that saves you a lot of money. Make your dogs happy by giving them a friend to play with. Get them a playmate with Crazy Critters.

Crazy Critters: Consumer Reviews

Here are some reviews we found on the web. As you can see, they’re very positive.

  • “This toy is soooo cute! My dog adores it and I am so glad that I finally found one that is safe. He managed to tear a little hole in it, but since no stuffing came out, I know he’s safe.”
  • “My Sheltie loves this toy! She enjoys sleeping with it and squeaking with it, playing gentle tug-of-war and it’s lasted excellently in spite of her very sharp teeth. It’s a great advantage that it’s flat. My dog recognizes it as different from my children’s plush toys so she doesn’t attack them anymore.”
  • “My terrier adores this toy and runs around with it all day long, wanting to play tug. Generally speaking, I am fairly pleased with the durability of the Crazy Critter and it is wonderful that my dog loves to play with it all of the time.”
  • “My dog did tear the squeakers out of his Crazy Critter, but it took him way longer than usual. Usually the squeakers out in several days; these squeakers lasted a month. My dog still loves the toy and plays with it constantly!”

Crazy Critters: Evaluation

The concept incorporated into this product is great! Dogs definitely love these toys because of its overall functionality and design. And the price for these Crazy Critters are very reasonable too, as you can get these for only about $5 each. However, there are reports from dog owners that the product is not as tough as advertised. And there are instances when the toys are destroyed in minutes by super active dogs.

Crazy Critters: Benefits and Features

  • No stuffing allows this plush toy to lie flat
  • Provides hours of fun to your furry friend
  • Features pet-friendly squeakers at each end
  • Great for Dogs of All Sizes
  • Measures 24″ in Length

Crazy Critters: Pros and Cons


  • Your dog loves this toy. He’s been going above and beyond with his tricks just for a chance to play with it
  • No stuffing
  • Durable


  • Annoying! But what squeaky chew toy isn’t?
  • Probably only good for puppies or smaller dogs. Built tough, but not ultra tough.
  • Dog won’t obey the “release” command when he’s playing with this.

Crazy Critters: What includes?

  • Fox (included)
  • Raccoon (included)
  • Skunk
  • Lion
  • Squirrel
  • Leopard
  • Beaver
  • Tiger
  • Bite-Resistant Liner
  • Expedited Shipping

Crazy Critters: Order Details and Where to Buy?
Crazy Critters are only available online. You can order Crazy Critters by following the link on Official Site. Typically one Critter would cost you $19.99, but if you order today you can receive both the Friendly Fox and the Rugged Raccoon for just $10.00 plus S&H.

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