Data Jack Manufactures offer 3 different type of Device: DataJack – MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot, DataJack – Broadband USB Modem and 2550M Mobile Broadband Router. Each of these devices has its advantages, which you can find below:

MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot: Features & Benefits

The DataJack MiFi provides broadband internet accessibility nationwide. If you buy the DataJack, you don’t need to to sign an agreement. You only choose the data plan for the months you would like to work with it. With DataJack get ready to enjoy up to 5 GB monthly (according to the preferred data plan) without termination fees and no any kind of contract. DataJack support up to 5 Wi-Fi allowed devices and gives access to the internet in places you require it and when it’s needed.

  • Access the Internet over Mobile Broadband with the MiFi Mobile Hotspot!
  • Connect up to five Wi-Fi allowed devices at one time within a 30-foot distance
  • Internal antenna system
  • GPS equipped
  • Removable Lithium-Ion battery
  • DataJack – Mobile Broadband USB Modem: Features & Benefits

  • USB Modem DataJack support up to a 32 Gigabyte microSD memory card could be placed into the DataJack to keep all of your files. You do not even need to take your PC with you. Just simply put your DataJack in your wallet and go. Connect the DataJack into any laptop or computer and you’ll have a broadband Connection to the internet and access to all of your music, videos and also other files.
  • USB Connector – USB form factor connects to desktops and laptop computers using a Type Usb port spot.
    Micro-SD Slot – Use high-capacity detachable memory storage up to 32 GB having a micro sd card.
    Dual Network Coverage – Works effortlessly throughout DataJack’s High speed internet Network to hold you covered. 3G Access at home, Work, School, Everywhere.
  • DataJack – 2550M Mobile Broadband Router: Features & Benefits

    The Business Class 2550M is really a professional grade mobile high speed broadband WiFi Router which offers nationwide access to the internet having a easy interface boasting rapid data speeds and superior protection. Numerous No contract data plans are offered ranging from 200MB to 5GB.

    You can stay online whenever your primary connection fades. Auto-Failover redundancy enables the router to automatically transition to a connected 3G/4G support if it detects a service disruption in the primary Cable, DSL, or T1 connection.

  • Business Class Professional Mobile Broadband Router
  • Connect up to 256 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time
  • External and internal antenna systems
  • GPS capable
  • AT Commands, 128 Bit Encryption, SSH and DMZ zones
  • For technical specifications and more information, go to the Data Jack Official website.

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