Dog E Glow LED Dog Leashes: What is it?

Order Dog E Glow OnlineLight up the dark with designer style and brilliant LED illumination! Dog-E-Glow LED Dog Collar & Lead make dark evenings and nights fashionably safe for you and your dog. Simply push the button to activate the LED light that is visible up to 1,000 feet away in the dark. Choose between two light settings, constant ON or blinking, to alert cars and people of your presence.

Lightweight Dog-E-Glow collar and lead are highly durable and fully weather resistant. Adjustable Collar features plastic adjustment hardware and buckle-style quick-release closure and a metal D-ring. 6 ft Lead features a padded reinforced handle and a metal swivel snap closure. Both Collar and Lead are made with 1″ wide double-ply nylon (each sold separately). Four 3V lithium coin cell batteries included (two pre-installed and two replacements). The collars are available in medium and large sizes only:

  • The size Medium will fit a dog with a 10 inch to 14 inch neck
  • The size Large will fit a dog with a 15 inch to a 20 inch neck

Dog E Glow: When does it work?

Dog-E-Glow products are not just great for daily walks in the early morning or evening – they are also perfect for keeping an eye on your canine companion when you:

  • Travel
  • Take RV trips
  • Enjoy outdoor activities
  • Go camping, hiking or trail walking
  • Jog, run or bike with your dog

Dog E Glow: User Feedback From

“I bought this dog collar for nighttime walks with my best four-legged buddy. It is not distracting to him; and it’s an added bonus to be visible at night. Battery life is good — as I am on my third month of use, with 30 – 50 minute night time walks five days a week.”

“This collar is Excellent My Dog “Sunny” is Black Brown and Brittle So at night when I would let him out I had no idea of where he was but now all I have to do is look out a Window and I know right where he is. This collar is one of the best things I have every brought. This collar is well worth the money.”

“I received a lighted leash for Christmas which I loved until it broke on the first use. Problem was it wasn’t very flexible. And loving the idea of having light while out walking at night, I set out to look for a new one. I stumbled upon this one and decided to give it a try. I could tell as soon as I opened it it was more flexible than the first one I’d had. After it warmed up (after sitting in the mailbox all day in January it was pretty cold) I found it to be as flexible and as movable as any leash. Another bonus is that it has lights the entire length of the leash not just halfway down like some others. And one final bonus is that the lights are inside the leash, so except for the power button, it looks like an ordinary leash. I’m thrilled with this purchase.”

Dog E Glow Dog Collars: Features:

  • LED lights in collar and leash keep dogs safe & visible at night
  • This lighted dog collar can be set to flash off and on or be set to have a steady glow
  • Simple push button LED dog collar
  • The battery will last for 150 hours and is easily replaceable
  • Fun, colorful design injects fashion to nighttime safety for you and your pet
  • Steady Glow and Flash Mode
  • They are fashionable, stylish, durable and weather resistant
  • Four 2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell batteries are included with each collar

Dog E Glow: Benefits:

  • There are two benefits using a glow in the dark collar. First, you can identify your pet as it helps to see. This collar can help other people to see your dog thus ensure its safety.
  • There are different colors and styles of dogeglow collars you can choose from. It is important to choose one that fit your pet. If you are looking for your puppy, ensure to select one that can be adjustable.
  • For smaller dogs, the rule of thumb is one finger between neck and collar, two fingers for medium dogs and three fingers for large dogs.
  • A dog leash with light is extremely beneficial for working dogs. A cattle dog that works after dark can be easily identified where he is and his cattle herd. A hunter dog’s lighted leash works as a indicator of the dog’s location.
  • The appealing part of these lighted dog collars is that it recharges during daylight hours for optimum use at night. It can be used for two weeks nonstop.
  • It is a great safety measure for your dog. Besides it works as a tracking device and fashion statement too. Dog e glow is a little piece of investment that will go a long way in protecting and saving your pet from any life risk.

Dog E Glow: Compnay

Dog-E-Glow was founded by dog and outdoor lovers who above all wanted to keep their pets and others safe while looking their very best. The founders of Dog-E-Glow have a combined 50+ years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the pet product industry launching several new and innovative pet products over the years that visibly distinguish themselves. In the near future, Dog-E-Glow plans to expand their current line in new design styles and sizes for all dogs.

Dog E Glow: What includes?

  • 1 Lighted LED Dog Collar

Dog E Glow: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Dog E Glow costs $22.99-29.99, plus shipping & handling by following the link on Official Web Site.

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