Dog-e-minder: What is it?

Order Dog-e-minder OnlineHow many times have you found yourself staring at your dog’s food bowl wondering if anyone had fed the dog already or if you need to? You no longer have to wonder thanks to Dog-e-Minder, a product designed to take the guess work out of what your pet has done while you were away. The Dog-e-Minder is a convenient way to keep track of your dogs feeding schedule, bathroom schedule and medications all located right on your dogs collar. The Dog-e-Minder is a very user friendly device with three buttons with easily identifiable pictures. This device could also be a life saver to anyone that owns a diabetic animal or one that has health conditions. The Dog-e-minder takes the guess work out of wondering when the last time you gave insulin or fed your dog.

Introducing the Dog-e-Minder electronic dog ID tag and dog care reminder system! So simple to use, even a child can do it! The Dog-e-Minder is a simple to use electronic device that attaches to your dog’s collar and acts as a dog ID tag too. The Dog-e-Minder keeps track of when your dog was last walked, when your dog was last fed and when your dog took his last medications. The Dog-e-Minder is waterproof, durable, easy to use and lightweight. Join the craze! Take care of your dog by keeping his schedules on track and simplify your life at the same time!

Dog-e-minder: What does it work?

The Dog-E-Minder claims to be the answer to the busy dog owner who cannot always mind their dog but who needs to keep track of needful activities such as feeding, walking and taking medicine. This digital dog neck tag keeps track of all three; and at the same time functions as its name tag with home phone number in case it gets lost. The Dog-E-Minder is simple to use, they claim, and even a child who cannot read can operate it. This is because for each of the three activities, there are related icons, such as a bone to indicate its last feeding, a hydrant for its last walk, and a prescription sign for its last dose of medicine. The button simply needs to be pressed down for three seconds to lock in the time per activity, they say. They also claim that the Dog-E-Minder is durable, waterproof and easy to use. They claim that the Dog-E-Minder is also handy for multiple dog homes, dog sitters and walkers, house breaking and as a training aid. All you have to do is to press the button for just about 3 seconds when you complete an activity and it will record the exact time of that activity. For egg, right after feeding your dog, press the bone button and the Dog-E-Minder will record the time. So, you can have a fair idea as to when to feed your dog next.

  1. You first set up the Dog E Minder by entering the date, time, your phone number and the dogs name. This works great for a doggie ID tag.
  2. For tracking your pets activities, it has three different buttons. The bone is for “meal”, fire hydrant is for “walk,” and the Rx is for “medication.”
  3. When you’ve completed an activity with your dog, you press that corresponding button for three seconds. The back-lit display will flash. This indicates that the date and time were recorded.
  4. The Doggie Minder relies on you to remember to push the buttons. So in order check the Dog E Minder, you simply push the corresponding button and the last time stamp will show for that specific activity.

Dog-e-minder: User Feedback From

Recently, a family of four passed my driveway, walking their new pooch. For about 10 minutes, I observed this family fussing over their dog: who was supposed to walk her, who was supposed to clean-up after her, when she should be fed her routine meals, and when she should take her medications, since she had just been prescribed some by the veterinarian.

Low and behold, the dad pointed to this new device they had just purchased: a Dog-e-Minder. This little gadget was attached to the puppy’s collar, and because he had set it earlier in the day, it was sounding off, and now it was time for their dog to go home and get her medication. One of the children got so excited that she started to cry; she had worried that they might forget to give their dog the care it needed. Dad reminded her that it was his responsibility to set the “minder”, and theirs to take care of the dog.

I’ve watched the two girls, who are about 12 and 14, pass by often, and have asked them how this new minder is working out. Their responses are quite positive. On the days when the girls are at school, their Mom does the “minding”, as she walks the dog for its customary journey around the block.

“When we last talked, the girls told me that this gadget has been a real help to sharing the chores. So, if you need to mind your dog, and you are caught up in other routines, get one of these “dog-e-minder” gadgets for your dog.”

Dog-e-minder: Features

  • Now you’ll know when your furry friend was last fed, walked, received medication.
  • Easy 3 button device with backlight for clear visibility
  • Perfect for busy dog owners and busy family homes
  • So simple, a child can do it
  • You can even enter identification information
  • Water resistant
  • Size: 4cm x 5.5cm x 1.5cm

Dog-e-minder: Benefit

The Dog-e-Minder is a great idea for families with kids who may have just gotten a new family pet. Parents can keep track of when the dog’s needs were attended too, and they can potentially use it to check if kids are lying about whether they did indeed take the dog out or feed it. It’s also good for people who like to be strict about schedules – for some reason this little plastic device becomes very intimating and reminds you that your pet has needs at certain times of the day. However, the device is probably more suitable for larger dogs, because of it’s size of it may be too big for small dogs. Even my small sized pooch was trying to get at it to eat it! However if the device were to be any smaller than it is now, you wouldn’t be able to read it.

Overall, the Dog-Minder is a cute little gizmo that lets you keep on top of your pets needs, and it also makes you an even more responsible owner. However, I was disappointed that it didn’t have a programmable alarm. It would also have been nice if the device featured a flashing LED backlight or beeping alert to remind you that a walk, food, or even medicine is due soon. It would have also been cool to include some type of computer interaction via USB, so that maybe people could upload a log of when the dog was walked. That kind of functionality would be ideal to have if you left your pet with someone and that way you could keep track of what is going on

Dog-e-minder: Pros and Cons


  • Ease of set-up and use
  • Lightweight
  • Piece of mind


  • Maybe too big for dogs under 10 pounds

Dog-e-minder: What includes?

  • 1 Dog-e-Minder
  • Free Bonus – Puppy Pinata plush toy stuffed with delicious treats.

Dog-e-minder: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Dog-e-minder costs $19.95 + only $3.95 shipping and handling plus your choice of color by following the link on Official Web Site.

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