Easy Reach Plant Pulley: What is it?

Order Easy Reach Plant Pulley OnlineEasy Reach Plant Pulley is the ultimate pulley system for your home plants. It allows you to raise up and lower your hanging plants in a flash to water and care for them, using a user-friendly pulley system.

Watering cans are heavy and messy and hoses are a chore, but with Easy Reach, you can care for your hanging plants with just a gentle touch. Just pull down the basket, and Easy Reach holds it stable while you tend to the plant, then retracts when you are finished.

The super strong reinforced material extends up to 31 inches to reach as high as you need to. It is also great for growing vegetables in small spaces, inside or out. No more maintenance hassles and no more worrying about your plants dying, you don’t even need to have a green thumb!

Easy Reach: What does it work?

To attach your hanging plant to the Easy Reach Plant Pulley, attach the top clip hook, which is located at the top of the product, to a securely-fastened eye screw hook. Then attach and secure the hanging planter to the lower clip hook located on your Easy Reach Plant Pulley. After securing your hanging plant on the clip hook, gently raise your plant up to release the inner lock and then release the plant down to your desired height.

If you’re watering your plant, gently raise your plant to release the inner lock. Then,holding the plant carefully and steadily, release the plant down to the desired height for watering. Gently and slowly lower the plant further until it is locked in place. It’s recommended that you use both hands to hold the plant while raising and lowering. After watering, gently raise the plant to the original or desired height. While still holding onto the plant, slowly lower the plant a bit until it is locked in place.

Easy Reach Plant Pulley: User Feedback From Amazon.com

“I really like it don’t get me wrong, but you have to go really slow to raise it up and down or it will not catch. I also use it for bird feeders for my 88 yr old mother. She was using a ladder to reach feeders to refill. We love the fact that this is so easy for her now. Thank you for the product that may save her a broken leg or whatever.”
“Easy Reach Plant Pulley kit is what is advertised. It was an easy purchase, and took a reasonable amount of time for delivery. The pulley set-up is easy, and the product works as described and appears to be durable.”
“These very useful plant hooks let you put your plants up closer to the sunlight and then lower them to water them and put them back up out of the way. I have a window in my ceiling and when I lift the plant it is very healthy now that it is much closer to the light from the sun. I will be purchasing quite a few more of these hooks and putting them all around the house.”
“Very helpful product. Now I can water my outdoor hanging plants without getting the step-stool out and I won’t have water running down my arm. One fern hangs outside the kitchen window. Last year we constantly had water marks on the window’s outside; not now.”

Easy Reach: Features

  • Retractable Plant Hanger
  • Extend to 31 inches
  • Raise & lower plants to maximize sun exposure
  • Water your hanging plants without fear of falling
  • Get more room to grow plants
  • Use it indoors or outdoors
  • Hooks anywhere in your Home
  • Helps your keep plants healthy and vibrant without the mess
  • No more unsafe balancing on step ladders with heavy water cans

Easy Reach Plant Pulley: Pros and Cons


  • Versatile
  • Attractive
  • Good instructions/manual
  • Great for those high area
  • Lightweight
  • Hardy


  • It can seem difficult to use for some people

Easy Reach: What includes?

  • 4 Easy Reach Plant Pulleys
  • 4 Aqua Globes

Easy Reach: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order 2 sets of 2 Easy Reach for only $10.00 plus $15.90 shipping & handling by following the link on Official Web Site.

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