Eggies: What is it?

Order Eggies OnlineWhen it comes to eggs, hard boiled means hard work! With messy shells, broken whites, do your eggs look a sorry sight? Introducing Eggies, the world’s first way to cook hard boiled eggs without peeling a single shell! Well the eggies systems takes care of that problem. Just crack the egg in the eggies plastic mold twist the top on and put in boiling water.

Eggies are a simple product that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. This easy to use method of making perfect hard boiled eggs takes all the frustration and work out making both hard and soft boiled eggs allowing you to make these eggs whenever you want. Best of all you don’t get any torn or gouged eggs that tastes just like traditional hard boiled eggs.

Another great feature of eggies is you can add foods into the containers before you boil. Add spices, cheese, meats or what ever you think would taste great. You can make so many different recipes of eggs with the eggies.

Breakfast never tasted so good! Make awesome egg salads buy adding spices inside the egg before cooking.

Eggies: What does it work?

Using Eggies is simple. You simply screw the two halves of the little egg cup together, crack your raw egg and pour into the cup through the hole provided, seal, place in boiling water and cook. When completed simply give the egg cup a slight twist remove the top and out comes a perfect hard boiled egg all ready seasoned and ready to eat, slice for salads or garnishes, or to make as deviled eggs. You can make soft boiled eggs as well by simply cooking the eggs for slightly less time.

Eggies: User Feedback From

“If you buy fresh eggs direct from the farm you know no method allows eggs to be peeled easily after hard boiling.”
“I really like the eggies which allow me to cook the farm-fresh eggs. Believe me I more than save the time it takes to spray and clean up those little eggies!”
“I love deviled eggs, but I hate peeling them! This is the perfect solution. It does have several pieces, and once you make them once you will have mastered how they fit together. I only spray the bottom piece with nonstick spray and have not had an issue with the egg sticking in the Eggie once it is cooked. I did have some trouble getting the egg into the small opening so I just use a wide mouth funnel.”
“I really like the eggies. They are easy to use and I eat a hardboiled egg just about every day. I am thinking of getting more so I can have a rolling dozen of hardboiled eggs on hand. They are easy to clean. I highly recommend!”
“This product is quite handy. You don’t have to waiste time peeling six eggs at a time, with the chance the shell sticking and breaking the boiled egg’s white outer layer especialy when one wants the egg yolk to stay soft. It’s nice and handy if your planning to serve stuffed eggs at a party. You will save time with this.”

Eggies: Benefits

  • With Eggies, you will get mess free egg cooking.
  • It is fast and easy to use, even a beginner can cook hard boiled and soft boiled eggs without the shell!
  • It will save you time too as you do not have to wait for the egg to cool and you do not have the hassle of peeling off the shells.
  • If you like to cater for large groups or for a big family, using Eggies to cook your eggs will speed things up for you. You simply work out the number of eggs that you need to cook, put them in the Eggies and set them to boil. Set a regular kitchen timer and when they are done, you can just slip them out of the non stick Eggies System containers and they are ready to eat, decorate or use in your recipes. It certainly is a time saver.
  • You can choose to boil just the egg whites only instead of the whole egg and save the yolks to make mayonnaise or use in another recipe.
  • On the flip side, if you like the taste of yolks, you can boil your egg with 2 yolks instead of one.
  • You can also fill your Eggies System container with eggs from cartons very easily, so now you do not need to just make omelettes with them. What a great alternative to making egg white omelettes!
  • You can also season your eggs before cooking or add more ingredients like herbs, onions and cheese into the Eggie before you cook it. Saves you a few steps and it is the ultimate fast food.

Eggies: Pros and Cons


  • No more peeling eggs
  • Hard-boils perfectly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can season before boiling
  • Easy to use
  • They are really cheap
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Only one color available
  • Only cooks a half-dozen per set

Eggies: What includes?

  • 6 Hard Boiled Eggies
  • 1 2-in-1 Eggies Separator
  • 1 Recipe Guide
  • 1 Double Sized Scrambler Eggies
  • 1 Jumbo Omelet Eggies

Eggies: Order Details and Where to Buy?

If you are looking to buy Eggies, then all you really have to do is go right to their official Eggies website. There, they are running a promo that will get you 12 Eggies and two slicers for $10. This price is phenomenal. That is another positive point that many Eggies reviews have noted: the price is excellent and reasonable. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend a fortune on these kinds of things, and Eggies won’t make you do so.

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