Emery Cat Board: What is it?
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Is the furniture in your home being ruined by your cat’s irresistible urge to scratch? Have you tried to clip your feline friend’s nails, only to be met with their squirming and painful cries of protest? How many cat houses have you set up around your house in the past in efforts to curve your cat’s destructive clawing behaviors? Unfortunately, your cat is unable to ignore the basic instinct of scratching.

Introducing Emery Cat, the emery cat board that lets your cat trim their own claws. Built of a special patented honeycomb surface, the Emery Cat board works just like a nail file – gently filing and trimming away sharpness on your cats claws.

Infused with cat nip, your cat will keep coming back and trimming, meaning you’ll never have to manually clip your cats claws ever again – saving you thousands of dollars in scratched furniture, and more!

Emery Cat Board’s special arch shape is great for cats to stretch and claw, and a built-in fluffy cat toy ensures kitty will spend lots of time grooming on the Emery Cat

Emery Cat Board: What does it work?

Why does the Emery Cat board work so well? The secret is its patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. And your kitty will love his new play thing, infused with irresistible catnip that keeps your cat coming back again and again. Strong enough to support even bigger cats, the Emery Cat Board has a special arch design perfect for stretching and scratching. Your cat can give herself a pedicure!

According to the official product site, here is what makes The Emery Cat board work effectively:

  • The Emery cat has an inbuilt catnip to lure cats to scratch on it
  • It is designed for cat interaction. Cats can scratch, play and stretch on it
  • It has an inbuilt cat toy for playful kittens to play with

Emery Cat Board: Benefits and Features
Here are the best things about Emery Cat that cat owners like about this product:

  • Patented honeycomb design gently files and trims your cats claws
  • It is easy to assemble as you get it in an almost completely assembled state
  • It files cats’ claws to the right length making them less destructive. You no longer have to struggle to file the cat claws yourself
  • The board can last long
  • If your cat likes the board and scratches on it, your furniture will stay in good condition without further destruction
  • Abrasive emery surface works like a nail file
  • It is small, easy to store and move around. It is not as unsightly as some cats scratching posts and trees
  • The catnip attracts cats to play and scratch on the board. Some cats love the fuzzy toy
  • Some users report that their cats fell in love with the board instantly and enjoy using it thus leaving the furniture alone

Emery Cat Board: Pros and Cons


  • Includes cat toy and catnip bag
  • Might keep your cat from scratching other things


  • Cats may be don’t like it
  • Can be rough on cats’ paws
  • Refills can be hard to find

Emery Cat Board: What includes?

  • 2 Emery Cat Scratch Boards
  • 2 Cat Toys
  • 2 Cat De-Shredders

Emery Cat Board: Recommendation

We are not recommending this product for pet owners who want their pets to stop scratching the furniture. The product is cheap and is not guaranteed to work for your cat. It is recommended to buy something heavier, sturdier, and more permanent that your cat would prefer using and would make a difference in the maintenance of your home.

Emery Cat Board: Order Details and Where to Buy?
Emery cat is buy one get one free for $19.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling by following the link on Official Site. This includes the emery board, the cat toy, the catnip and the brush. This deal is not permanent and may change in the future.

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