Ez Moves Furniture Slides: What is it?

Order Ez Moves Furniture Slides OnlineDon’t struggle with moving furniture when there is no need. Get the EZ Moves Furniture Moving Sliders from As Seen on TV and life will become a lot easier. These great gadgets will save you from back pain and makes even the heaviest furniture moving jobs easier. Now who doesn’t want that? Ladies these work great for women as well as for men. No more waiting until he has time to help you move your furniture around. Using these makes cleaning under furniture a snap and saves time.

The EZ Moves Furniture Moving Sliders are great to own and at the incredibly low price for all you get the set makes an excellent gift. The set comes with two furniture lifters, eight sliders for hardwood and smooth surface floors as well as eight slides for use on carpet. This makes it a multipurpose kit.

Moving furniture is a real struggle. No matter how hard you try, you need more than one guy. Here is a solution that will allow you to move any piece of furniture in your home by yourself with EZ Moves – the do-it-yourself furniture moving system. Just lift, place, and slide – it is just that easy with EZ Moves!

Ez Moves Furniture Slides: What does it work?

The great thing about reading the EZ Moves review articles is that you will see that there are a lot of people out there who have been helped by this product. Especially if you live alone, moving furniture can be virtually impossible. But, when you have the EZ Moves, you can lift up just about anything and slide it around.

EZ Moves get you to move furniture the easy way. It’s a unique tool so useful, you won’t need anyone to help you redecorate a room or move around furniture to clean the area properly. This tool will make becoming a furniture mover easier and makes you accomplish the task fast as will discover in this EZ Moves review.

When something falls under the cabinet, when you have to clean the underneath of a sofa, if you need to move a piece of furniture to another room, how do you do it? You have got to push it and often, might even require the help of someone else. Unless you are very strong, moving furniture around is a very tiring endeavour. With EZ Moves, you won’t be struggling at all.

Ez Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides: User Feedback From Amazon.com

«I was looking for Stiff Plastic with a large surface area and a solid grippy top that doesn’t move when you move the furniture. They were perfect and were the best I could find. I gave them a perfect score because I can’t think of a way to improve these units. Very nice.»

«This is one great product! I bought these years ago and we have used them over and over. They are especailly great for large items. My husband can move our huge TV entertainment center by himself using these. Sometimes he needs someone to get down low and slip them under the edge while he lifts the corner, but they save a ton of back pain and you don’t have to get the neighbors to come help lift things! This item is definitely not a gimmick and they have lasted us 10 years now! I haven’t tried the felt ones for hard floors, but they look great too.»

«These things work great, and are definitely not a gimmick. I have used them to move very large furniture items by myself. Often you only need to use 2 for smaller furniture items where you hold or tilt one side off the ground yourself and just have the 2 slides on the other side. I also want to mention that the slides are quite large and strong and are very well made.»

«This product is really great! I’ve used this to move my u-shaped desk with hutch in my new office and I can actually moved the furniture all by myself. I’m amazed!»

«When I worked at the gym we had Valslides for training our clients. When I switched to in-home training I decided to purchase a pair and was shocked at the price of ValSlides, instead I bought these furniture movers and they work GREAT! Just do a youtube/google search for workout exercises and get working out! Awesome price, you get a great workout and you can move furniture with them too.»

Ez Moves: Benefits

  • Great for moving refrigerators, sofas, entertainment centers, pianos, beds, bookcases, file cabinets and more
  • Ideal for use on thick plush or low pile carpet. Can also be used on wood floors, ceramic tile, linoleum, laminate floors or finished concrete
  • Round rimmed edges will reduce friction and make moving from one floor surface to another easy
  • Makes cleaning behind large items easy

Ez Moves Furniture Moving System: Features

  • Unique Power Bar Gives You 10 Times Your Natural Strength
  • As Seen On TV, EZ Moves Do It Yourself Furniture Moving System
  • 2 In 1 Furniture Slides For Hard Surfaces & Carpet
  • Rubber Tip Protects Your Furniture
  • Ergonomic Design Saves Your Back
  • Lift 10x your strength
  • Glide across any surface
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjust & level appliances
  • Won’t damage furniture
  • Move up to 2,600 pounds

Ez Moves Furniture Glides: Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Use. Using these pads to move heavy furniture around during a home make over or clean up, is very easy. This is made possible by the fact that they have a low friction bottom that is made of plastic.
  • Tight Grip. The rubber top; which is high friction, keeps a tight grip on the object getting relocated. It works very well as it is made from EVA Foam that conforms to the object being moved.
  • Increases Strength. True, while using the EZ Moves for sale, you will be able to lift objects that are 10 times heavier, so you don’t even break a sweat (for the better part).
  • Healthy. EZ Moves are a healthy option when moving heavy loads at your home. This is because they come in an ergonomic design that does not pose any threat to your posture.
  • Protection. EZ Moves for sale online come with a rubber tip, that helps protect your furniture. Additionally, these pads are designed in a way that offers you the opportunity to level objects, as they get relocated from one area of your house to another.


  • Chance of Sliding Out. Bigger heavier objects like bookshelves risk sliding out; making the entire moving process cumbersome.
  • EZ Moves work better on carpets, and not hard floors. When used on hard floors they make a noise that can only be described as annoying, plus they might leave scratch marks on your floor. However, this may be avoided by using a rug holder or small piece of carpet.

Ez Moves Furniture Slides: What includes?

  • 1 EZ Moves® Furniture Lifter
  • 4 EZ Moves® Slides for hardwood and smooth surfaces
  • 4 EZ Moves® Slides for carpet

Comes in shrink wrap packaging, with instructions included.

Ez Moves Furniture Lifter: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Ez Moves for only $19.99 + $7.95 P&H by following the link on official web site. Plus include a second set of EZ Moves® (1 EZ Moves® Furniture Lifter, 4 EZ Moves® Slides for hardwood and smooth surfaces, and 4 EZ Moves® Slides for carpet) FREE, just pay an additional $7.95 P&H.

Ez Moves Furniture Moving System As Seen On TV Review – Watch Video Ez Moves Furniture Lifter