Ez Towel Compact Disposable Towels: What is it?

Order Ez Towel OnlineSometimes you just need a towel when there isn’t one around, and that’s where EZ Towels jump in. They’re a pretty simple concept, instead of wet naps you only have to carry around a small, quarter-sized disc until you’re ready to use it. But what sort of quality are we talking here, and is this something you should buy, or take a pass on?

These are little tablets that are actually towels, sort of a cross between wet wipes, gauze, and a really strong paper towel. They are dry and compacted, and if you just add a bit of water they are ready to unroll and get to work. You can use them in just about any situation where you could use a wet towel, either to wash your hands, your face, clean up a mess, or clean something off.
EZ Towel is a compacted, compressed towel, about the size of 5 stacked nickels in its original form. All you do is add water and watch it grow. Simply unroll the EZ Towel and use it as you wish. Opened up, the EZ Towel is 8 1/2″ X 9 1/2″, a full sized towel! Each bag of EZ Towels contains 50 towels. Unlike paper towels, EZ Towels are durable, soft and absorbable. 1 EZ Towel does the work of over 10 paper napkins! It is made of 100% Rayon and is bio-degradable.

EZ Towels are full-size tissues that have been hydraulically compressed into a small coin and packaged in bags of 50. EZ Towels are soft, durable and degradable. They are made from natural cotton pulp and when in dry form, cannot be contaminated by any germs or bacteria – THEY ARE 100% HEALTHY!

Ez Towel: What does it work?

Activating an EZ Towel is simple. Just pour hot or cold water onto the dry coin, and WATCH IT GROW!
A Great Product for places where health and hygine are important (i.e. Restaurants, Hotels, etc)!
Great for babies with weak immune systems!
Excellent to have on hand when traveling, playing golf, camping or fishing!
Hart EZ Towels are durable, full-sized towels made of 100% Rayon. Hart EZ Towels come compacted in a convenient tablet size, all you need to do is add water and watch it grow! Once the Hart EZ towel is activated, simply unroll it and it’s ready for use. Hart EZ Towel is soft, durable, and bio-degradable.

Ez Towel: User Feedback From Amazon.com

“Sort of a magic towel but more portable. I love this. It so fun to use. There are 50 pieces in the recloseable bag. This is not like those small easter egg terrys that you can buy at dollar stores. The material is more like gauze but better.”

“My husband bought a bag of EZ Towels at Bass Pro for fishing and he loves them. Now we have EZ Towels in our camper, and I love to use EZ Towels on our small kids (6 and 3). My kids are always a mess so EZ Towels are perfect for quick clean up when I am out shopping.”

“These are great for keeping in the car or in a travel bag. Just add water and you have a quick clean up solution. Expanded size is about the same as a bath washcloth with material close to cheese cloth.”

“Always a pleasure to use during travel. I ordered this to give to friends traveling To other continents. Comes with a small carry-on-clear-tube that you can drop in your pocket for a day’s worth of supply or more. Sweet.”

“These are the handiest little things I’ve ever seen and have been added to my list of “why didn’t I think of that.” They are easy to carry in my backpack or purse, “reconstitute” easily with just a few drops of water (so there’s even an entertainment factor to consider ;-> ), are generous in size and have a pleasant (but by no means overpowering) odor to them, don’t leave your hands/face feeling slimed like the wipes from the plastic envelope, and the icing on the cake is that they’re biodegradable. Everyone who’s seen them has also thought that they were the best thing since sliced bread… hope Amazon has stocked enough of them! I’ve used them in amusement parks, in the office, and even in the hospital. Who knew that this little product would have my kid asking to get his hands clean!?!”

Ez Towel Compact Disposable Towels: Features

  • Each bag contains 50
  • No bigger than a stack of 5 dimes
  • 100% Rayan
  • From your palm to you pocket
  • Ready in seconds
  • Convenient – Durable – Disposable
  • 220 mm X 240 mm
  • Environmentally Safe! 100% Biodegradable

Ez Towel: Pros and Cons


  • So soft it is nice to use as a face towel.
  • It says biodegradable
  • It is so small that you can put some in your pocket, in the car, in your handbag, etc.


  • No water = no towel
  • Smaller and much thinner than what I expected.
  • Lots of fun that if you have kids they want to watch them grows in water even if you don’t need it at the time.

Ez Towel Compact Disposable Towels: What includes?

  • 50 EZ Towels
  • 1 Plastic Carrying Case that holds 10

Ez Towel: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order 3 bags of 50 EZ Towels – $9.95 each + $0.00 S&H by following the link on Official Web Site. Sales tax: varies.

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