Fast Brite: What is it?

Order Fast Bright OnlineFast Brite is a cleaning solution that claims to clean your cars old oxidized headlight covers, making them show room clean. The treatment comes with both the cleaning solution, lens protectant and an application sponge. The layered approach is supposed to not only clean your lenses but keep them protected and shiny for years to come.

Fast Brite: What does it work?

It is that easy. Fast Brite restored headlights are more than 5 times brighter. That means you will see and be seen clearer and farther away. It is unbelievable but true.
Go from an embarrassing ride to a car that you would be proud to drive. The secret is Fast Brite Lens Restore’s professional formula that removes the outer layer of oxidation. Then it polishes, seals, and protects, leaving you with a showroom new lens in as little as 30 seconds. You will be able to see at night now!
Fast Brite is the fast, low cost alternative to expensive headlight replacement. Replace your headlights to their showroom shine!
Just apply Fast Brite Lens Restore to your yellowed, oxidized headlight lenses and see the difference. It is quick, easy, and convenient to do it yourself and end your embarrassment.

Fast Brite: Does It Really Work?

The Fast Brite official website says you can “apply Fast Brite™ to your yellowed, oxidizes headlight lenses and watch them return to their showroom shine in seconds!” Below you can read the reviews that say it does work, and the Fast Brite commercial does illustrate the difference between a dirty headlight and a Fast Brite cleaned one very well.

Fast Brite: User Feedback From

“I had really dull headlights on my 2000 Xterra, and all I can tell you is to follow the instructions. It’s not a miracle wipe, you have to work in the compound to get into the pit marks. If you understand it takes work and patience, you will come out with headlights much cleaner and brighter.”
“Fast Brite worked great. The headlight lenses on my 2005 Cadillac CTS were pretty cloudly. The two step application proess took about ten minutes all together and resulted in clear headlight lenses. No, the lenses do not look brand new but they are now clear and look much better than before.”
“Kit works wonders and is easy to use! Made my cloudy headlights like new again and only took about one hour. Just follow the instructions; Don’t know how long it will last, but even if I have to do it once a year it is still cheaper than replacing the headlight covers which cost over $100.00.”
“Great product, my lens were 6 years old on my magnum and they were very cloudy, this stuff did the job on the first application so I would definitely say get you some for sure.”

Fast Brite: Features

  • No buffing or sanding
  • End your embarrassment
  • Makes driving at night safer
  • Quick, easy & convenient to apply
  • Restores dull, yellowed headlights to like new condition

Fast Brite: Benefits

  • You will have a quick and easy solution that will enable you to keep your headlights clean. No longer will you need to take your car to the body shop to get your headlights cleaned; thanks to this product you are able to do the cleaning yourself in a matter of minutes.
  • The product is very cheap, meaning that you can always keep your car headlights clean without needing to spend a fortune to do so.
  • You are able to drive much more safely thanks to the fact that your car’s headlights will provide sufficient illumination when on the road.
  • The instructions are easy to read and follow, meaning that you can do the polishing of your car with little effort expended.

Fast Brite: Pros and Cons


  • Fast acting
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Makes headlights look new
  • Increased safety


  • Dripping may occur
  • Some scrubbing required
  • Shipping sometimes takes 2-4 weeks

Fast Brite Lens Restore: Is it worth buying?

Well, it depends on what your car is worth to you and how much you value what’s in your wallet. If you take any pride in your car at all, you know how embarrassing dull, grimy gunk on your headlights can be. It’s one of the first things you notice – especially when it’s a new car and you see those beautiful clear lights up front.

In many states now, you won’t pass inspection when you’re headlights are covered with a layer of filth. In the past, car owners have had to resort to professionally cleaning or replacing their entire headlight unit. That will make more than a small dent in your wallet! Now you can save a ton of money and time by simply using Fast Brite.

Another consideration is that having dim, foggy headlights can be a safety nightmare. The possible scenarios are endless – from missing a sharp turn to not seeing your neighbor’s precious pet in time, or even failing to recognize a cyclist on the side of the road. The last thing you want is to injure yourself or someone else because your lights were not kept up properly.

Fast Brite can help improve the effectiveness of your headlights by up to five times their current output! For only spending about eighteen dollars online, why ignore your lights? You can even get a decent deal on a second kit when you order from Fast Brite. Just pay shipping and handling and the second one is completely free.

Fast Brite: What includes?

  • 2 oz. Bottle of Lens Polish
  • 2 oz. Bottle of Lens Protectant
  • Application Sponge

Fast Brite: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You aren’t able to buy Fast Brite in stores, but Fast Brite’s official site has a buy one get free offer. At the time of this review, that offer was still available, so you might want to take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

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