Get A Grip: What is it?

Order Get A Grip OnlineThe original Get-A-Grip is the revolutionary new way to have a secure grip whenever you need it. It attaches easily to any smooth surface and is especially useful in a bathroom. It installs in seconds, just place it on the surface and push the safety locking switch thats all you do.

The two powerful suction grips are strong enough to provide the grip you need to securely enter or exit the bath tub or shower, or just about anywhere you need a hand. It’s just as easy to remove as it is to install. To remove the handle, just unlock the switch and now you can move it to any location.

Now you don’t need to drill holes in your wall just to give you the peace of mind of a secure handle!

The portable suction grab bar is easy to install, no tools needed, no hole to drill. The large suction cups attach to virtually any smooth non-porous surface. This bar are great for assistance in or around the tub, or next to the toilet. Mount on the wall for help on the stairs; next to a chair for assistance standing or sitting. The bar is completely portable so you can take it with you on the road. Use it in the hotel, at family or friend’s homes. Easy to mount and remove with no holes to fill, no damage to the walls. Perfect for renters.

Like many items go the Get a grip security bar is a multipurpose bar for making sure your dear ones get the additional help they need in specific places of the property and become self-sufficient.
The style of this safety bar is one of a kind in concept. The bar has got suction cups mounted on one side, so as to easily stick onto any kind of surface. This makes it easy for you to affix these guide bars at places where it’s difficult to put them to use. Sometimes on the sides of the bathtub or in the shower, it would be very convenient if there were a guide bar. It would help you to take yourself out of the bath tub; it will assist to get out of the shower area without slipping out on the slippery floors.

Get A Grip: What does it work?

While travelling down the stairways in supplement to the banister, if there are guide bars on the opposite sides, it’s a blessing. these guide bars will aid one to grip onto both sides at the time of ascending or descending the steps. It is a boon if you have older people living in the house. This is the place where the distinctive style of the Get a grip is so helpful. There is no need for a pro to come to install these guide bars. There’s absolutely no necessity for for any additional hardware or drilling or any such accessory.

This product comes in a small pack with the main body of these guide bars as well as the pre fitted cups for suction. these work on the rule of creating a vacuum and thus sticking to any surface, irrespective of where the guide bars are used. The style of these suction cups and their shape- as though a half dumbbell- allows pressure to be created for the guide bar to get stuck with a lot more pressure on thesides of the walls, the slippery area of the bathtub sides, or the the watery surface of the shower cubicle.

The technology used to create the suction levers is ground breaking and may easily keep tight even when twelve lbs of pressure on the guide bars. It can easily support an individual of average weight to heave himself from a lower level of height to higher level of height.

There are no extraordinary equipment or procedure to set up all you need to do is to just position the guide bar at the place it is to be mounted and the suction cup lever needs to be pressed down to hold the guide bar in position. That’s an easy one step method and does not require any type of surface preparing or idealising of the surface. all you have to make sure is the surface is non-porous, smooth and clean. In case the surface is porous, the the suction becomes much difficult and the vacuum level which is required is not attainable.

As a result, whenever utilizing this very important safety product you should ensure that you follow all of the required instructions. Only then will you be in a position to Get a grip to ensure you’re secure in all the unsafe areas of your home.

Get A Grip: User Feedback From

«This is works great, although not quite as easy to install as shown on TV. I use it in my shower to assist my exit.»

«Purchased this handle prior to recent hip replacement surgery to provide improved stability & safety in the shower. Our shower is seamless fiberglass and the suction cups work like a champ – works best when you wet the suction cups first – it has been solidly in place for over a month. Provides great stability. Don’t “need” it any longer because of successful recovery from surgery but intend to leave it in place for the added safety it provides.»

«I am awaiting knee replacements, and these grips provide the temporary safety that I need in the shower. They adhere well to a smooth surface, but the surface must be perfectly smooth, or it will not adhere. However, they are so helpful, especially if needed on only a temporary basis and you do not want to (or do not know how to) install permanent safety bars. I would recommend these if you need a temporary assist in the shower.»

«This is a handy handle for anyone in the shower. VERY VERY easy to install and very sturdy!! Take it with you on vacation etc.. Uneasy in the shower or bath, this will give a sence of security. Great for child or adult. Great price!»

Get A Grip Safety Grip Handle: Benefits

Ideal for temporary support for showers, tubs & more! No installation needed. Support where needed. No holes screws or mess. Portable for travel. Attaches in seconds! Ever wish you had a helping hand to get out of the bathtub or to steady yourself while exiting the shower. Get A Grip is the solution you’ve been looking for. Two amazingly powerful suction cups hold the handle in place with no tools and installs in seconds. Simply position the Get A Grip handle where you want and push down the levers – that’s it. Works great on any clean, smooth, nonporous surface. Get A Grip is just as easy to remove as it is to install, you can take it anywhere – use it when visiting hotels. Get a helping hand today with Get A Grip!

The Super Grip Grab Bars has two suction cups that will secure the handle to the side of your bathtub or shower wall and will allow you to get a good grip. The indicators will give you a green if the handle has been installed properly and a red if there is not enough suction. Release the lever to remove the handle. This grab bar is so light and portable you can take it almost anywhere. Weight Capacity of 350 Lbs. This easy-to-grasp handle provides sturdy support when you get in and out of the tub. It secures instantly to fiberglass or tile with sure-grip suction cups – no tools needed! Extra Stability where needed.

Get A Grip Handle Grab Bar: Features

  • Suction cups can be repositioned easily, simply lift the white lever and move to the appropriate location.
  • Suction cups are made of soft polymer plastic, will not scratch or mar surfaces.
  • Safety Indicator clearly shows whether the suction cups are securely fastened.
  • Easy, tool free installation.
  • Textured handle provides better grip surface.
  • Installs on any nonporous flat surface in seconds.
  • Light weight, and durable.
  • Fits any tub or shower.
  • No holes, Screws or mess.
  • Instant Suction Installation.
  • Portable for travel. Just release to remove handle.
  • Light Indicator to show if the grip needs reattachement.
  • For use on tubs and shower walls: Attaches to smooth non-porous surfaces with 2 suction cups
  • Simple to use: Press the tab levers to securely install
  • Easy to remove and relocate… just flip the tabs!
  • Safety device for toddlers, elderly and anyone who needs assistance in the bathroom.
  • White and Grey.

Get A Grip: Pros and Cons


  • Portable
  • Attaches without tools
  • Convenient for pushing or pulling things


  • Not secure
  • Installation takes strength
  • Can’t hold body weight or prevent falls
  • Not for outdoor use

Get A Grip: What includes?

  • 2 Get A Grip Safety Grip Handle

Get A Grip: Order Details and Where to Buy?

Now you don’t need to drill holes in your wall just to give you the peace of mind Get-A-Grip suction handle comes is now available for only 2 payments of $9.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. And, as a bonus for responding to internet promotion and to show appreciation for your order today, they will send you a second Get-A-Grip as a bonus at no additional charge, just pay separate $7.99 to cover the cost of shipping and handling. Order while this supplies last. The Get-A-Grip is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your order now!

NJ Residents add 7% sales tax. CA Residents add 8.25% sales tax. US orders only. You can order Get A Grip by following the link on Official Web Site.

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