Gyro Bowl: What is it?

Order Gyro Bowl OnlineLet’s face it, kids spill stuff. But now parents can relax when Kids snack. Introducing the Gyro Bowl the world’s first ever spill proof bowl. It spins and spins and stuff stays in. Gyro Bowl is totally kid-proof. Just fill the Gyro Bowl and you are ready to go. Gyro Bowl keeps snack off the floor.

The Gyro Bowl is a unique-shaped bowl that actually works like a globe. It has an outer ring with an inner bowl that spins 360 degrees inside of the ring. When the bowl is turned on its side or even upside down the bowl spins so that the items or food inside the bowl doesn’t spill out.

This bowl can be used for many different things. You can give your toddlers their cereal in this and not have to worry about them spilling it all over. You can also provide snacks such as fruit and crackers and your toddler can carry the bowl around and you don’t have to worry about them spilling the food all over. The bowl also works for messy meals such as spaghetti and soup. You can even use the Gyro Bowl to store your home office products like paper clips and push pins so they don’t spill all over.

The thing to keep in mind about the Gyro Bowl is that it is not completely spill-proof. There will always be a chance that the bowl will leak or have some contents of it spill out. Although this bowl is not completely spill proof, it will prevent the majority of normal spills that young kids have with their food and is definitely a big difference over using a normal bowl.

This product is also dishwasher safe but can’t be out in the microwave. Be sure if you buy this product that you read the directions that come with the product so that you can ensure proper care. It’s not hard to take care of but you need to make sure you read the directions so you don’t end up ruining your kid’s bowl.

Gyro Bowl: What does it work?

The Gyro Bowl is an unprecedented As Seen on TV product made in 2010 that, according the makers of the device, is “100% kid proof.” To put it simply, this bowl that is attached to an outer ring (which is also attached to an outer ring) can be filled with anything, and it will never spill. You can put breakfast cereal (dry or with milk) in there, healthy veggies, mid-day snacks, Spaghettios, or even nails, and it still won’t spill, no matter which way you turn the bowl. The magic is in the middle, the Gyro works just like a globe. Gyro Bowl’s inner balls rotate 360 degree and stays open side up no matter what. So the Gyro Bowl keeps all your snacks inside however you bounce, swing or fly.

Gyro Bowl: User Feedback From

«The Loopa bowl is fun for toddlers. It’s like a toy kids can eat out of. It’s function is supposed to be that the contents don’t spill as easily as a regular bowl. It’s only good for dry foods such as cereal, fruit, etc.. obviously, since liquid would spill regardless. The kids give it 5 stars!»

«My almost 3 year old daughter has been using this bowl for over a year and it’s been a life saver! She can eat dry cereal out of this bowl without dumping the entire bowl all over the floor. We have taken it on many road trips and dropped the bowl a few times and I didn’t end up with a mess in my car! It’s not 100% spill proof, but it’s not supposed to be. I’m expecting twins and will be buying 2 more of these!»

«This is fun for little ones from learning how to feed self to older kids. From at home to travel even comes with a lid for it. I would suggest using it only at a table for children who have difficulties eating, because my daughter will both play with it and use it for food.»

«This is a great product for families with infants who love to turn their cereal bowls upside down right in the middle of breakfast or dinner. It just doesn’t happen with Loopa. No mattter how the bowl is turned, the contents stay in the bowl. All new parents should have one.»

«I love this bowl it’s very nice idea my 1 year old love and keep my house nice and clean.»

Gyro Bowl: Benefits

  • Spill-Proof: A gyro bowl is designed in a spill-proof manner. This helps eliminate a person having to waste a lot of time cleaning up food from their furniture and floor.
  • A Fun Product: A gyro bowl is designed in a fun way. They even remind some children of a planet that is encircled by rings so kids are more opt to want to eat any kind of food that is placed in their gyro bowl.
  • Very Durable: It is known that a gyro bowl is indestructible.
  • BPA-Free Plastic: This helps make it safe and durable.
  • Rotating Bowl: A gyro bowl has a rotating bowl which aids in keeping the bowl a spill-proof bowl.
  • Many Uses: A gyro bowl is built so well that it can be used to put non-food items in, as well.

Gyro Bowl: Features

  • Spill-resistant for dry food and snacks
  • Allows self-feeding of snacks
  • Less waste of snacks
  • Prevents spills and mess
  • Saves time in clean-up
  • Kid-Proof
  • Inner bowl rotates 360 degrees
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Saves time, No more cleaning
  • Can be used for non-food items
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Not microwave safe

Gyro Bowl: Pros and Cons


  • Greatly reduces spills
  • Very durable
  • Fun to use
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Includes lid for storage
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Works when handled gently


  • Not recommended for liquids
  • Not available in a larger size

Gyro Bowl: What includes?

  • 1 Gyro Bowl

Gyro Bowl: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Gyro Bowl set of 2 is just $14.99 and $9.99 shipping & handling by following the link on Official Web Site. Each Gyro Bowl comes complete with a stay-fresh lid.

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