Hot Booties Slippers: What is it?

Order Hot Booties Slippers OnlineHot Booties are slippers that you put into your microwave to nuke them to warm your feet. They are not only supposed to get warm in the microwave, but are designed to stay warm for up to an hour. This would be great so you don’t have to make repeated trips to the kitchen just to keep your feet warm. But can something like this really work as advertised, or will these fall short of providing comfort?

Each and every set of Hot Booties is available in certainly one of two colours; pink or blue. Their unisex layout implies that both men and females can utilize the merchandise without the need of any concern of embarrassment, and also the multitude of sizes readily available suggests they are able to fit practically anyone’s feet. On top of that for the purely natural linseed contained while in the slippers’ soles, each pair is constructed from top quality materials that offer users with the utmost comfort at all times. They’re even secure enough to sleep in.
During winter, hot booties are extremely beneficial. It could keep your feet warm in spite of the great cold and chill that you could feel due to the climate. You will stay comfortable and relax with these boots.

If you will get the hot booties, you will have a microwavable bag along with the package. This is included so that you can just easily place the booties inside the bag if you need to put it in the microwave. This way, your microwave will remain clean and free from dirt. You can also use the bag as the boots’ storage in case they are not in use. Both the bag and the hot booties are truly functional.

Hot Booties: What does it work?

Hot Booties are much more than being simply slippers; they not only provide comfort and relaxation but are also the ideal solution for cold, achy, or stressed feet. All you have to do is place the Hot Booties in their Hot Booties bag and put them into the microwave oven for 60 seconds.

60 seconds are sufficient for providing you with an hour of therapeutic, radiating soothing heat that’s moist too. You get more out of it if you move your feet in them, for it naturally massages your feet and improves blood circulation in your feet.

The secret is in the sole as the Hot Booties sole is filled natural linseed that has the ability to absorb heat better and hold it for a longer time. Hot Booties are the world’s first microwaveable slippers! They are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them! It even provides you with lavender aroma therapy! Hot Booties are great for both men and women and are available in all sizes.

Hot Booties: User Feedback From

“This is a holiday hit with the ladies in my family! I loved mine and could not wait til Christmas to share! My sister works in a factory, wears steel toe boots, she comes in from work and heats them up, instant relief! My mom has arthritis in her feet, she heats them up and takes them to bed and they help her fall to sleep, I loved mine too, my daughter n law took them home, so I ordered another pair for me! A holiday treat for the feet!”

“My daughter is 18 and her feet are always cold. She loves them! She uses them all the time and they were at the top of her Christmas gifts.”

“My wife absolutely adores these slippers! Her only complaint is that they are not very comfortable to walk in. Besides that, they heat up and maintain heat very well!”

Hot Booties Slippers: Features:

  • Much, much more than slippers
  • Therapeutic soothing heat
  • You can sleep in them
  • Improves circulation
  • Provides comfort and relaxation
  • Perfect for cold, achy, or stressed feet
  • Reduces the heating bill
  • The secret is in the sole – filled with natural linseed!

Hot Booties: Pros and Cons


  • Uses natural linseed
  • Warms up quickly
  • Massages feet as they’re worn
  • Soothes sore feet
  • Unisex design for men and women
  • Holds heat for extended period


  • Limited color variety
  • Microwave access required
  • Not ideal for walking

Hot Booties: What includes?

  • Hot booties
  • Bootie Bag – to keep your microwave sanitary

Hot Booties: Order Details and Where to Buy?

Buy One Get One Free – When you purchase one pair of Hot Booties Microwave Slippers for $14.95 plus shipping & handling, you will receive another pair FREE – just pay additional processing. You can order Hot Booties by following the link on Official Site.

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