Hummingbird Vine: What is it?

Order Hummingbird Vine OnlineThere’s a lot to like about hummingbirds. They can flap their wings a billion times per second. They can fly backwards. And they don’t poop on my car – that I’m aware of. So the Hummingbird Vine is something that I don’t entirely despise.

If you dig you some Hummingbird, then the As Seen on TV Hummingbird Vine may be just the thing you are looking for. It is designed to attract those little fellas so you can enjoy watching them dart around. You could say that this is a seasonal product, because it is now approaching Spring time. As we thaw out from Winter, you can expect to see the hummingbird infomercial airing a lot.

This product first aired last Spring and it did well enough to warrant a return. So if this looks familiar to you its because it’s the second time around the block for this bird feeder geared just to one type of bird. When I think of it, talk about a tiny niche. It seems like it would be a tough sell to get someone to buy a bird feeder from an infomercial. But couple that with that fact that it is for just one type of bird makes it all the more amazing to me.

This tells me that ‘murica’ loves them some Hummingbird. Of course, the proper name for this vine is the Mandevilla. Not one to undersell, the marketing geniuses here have opted to call it The Amazing Hummingbird Vine. So there you have it – it’s Amazing.

Plant these beautiful, hardy vines and they will cling to just about any support and climb upward on its own. In no time at all, you will marvel at how the Hummingbird Vine covers your walls, arbors, fences and other areas of the garden. What’s more, when the trumpet flowers burst into bloom, not only will they cover your garden with colors but each blossom will be loaded with nectar, the one attraction that hummingbirds absolutely won’t be able to resist. In some cases, the vines even serve as a cozy place for hummingbirds to hide their nests. No other flowering plant has the power of attraction that this trumpet vine has. And you will have hummingbirds returning again and again, year after year, for as long as your Hummingbird Vine is in your backyard.

Hummingbird Vine Seeds: What Does It Work – How To Plant?

Each yellow, green or orange blossom is loaded with nectar that hummingbirds find irresistible. Be the first in the neighborhood to have a gorgeous vine that is buzzing with these amazing colorful birds that come back season after season.

Even better is the breathtaking beauty of the Amazing Hummingbird Vine that is irresistible to you and your family as it is to the humming birds; it works like a magnets for these lovely birds. This vibrant Amazing Hummingbird Vine, known as the campsis radican, thrives in poor soil, sun or shade.

Best of all, it sprouts up as tall as a man in the first year! The Amazing Hummingbird Vine climbs on its own clutching any support, covering walls, arbors, and fences in no time at all. Watch as it grows and grows. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or simply enjoy a beautiful; yard, no other plant can attract humming birds like these!

Turn your backyard into a natural hummingbird playground with the vibrant trumpet flowers of the Amazing Hummingbird Vine!

Planting Intructions for the Hummingbird Vine.

Step 1

Plant vine in full or partial shade.

Step 2

This is a climbing vine so plant it next to a wall, arbor, or fence.
It is usually not a good idea to plant too close to your house because they can grow to an invasive size.
Try a location that can be easily viewed in order to watch the hummingbirds as they come to feed on the luscious nectar.

Step 3

It is a good idea to prune the vine in the spring or early fall.
Otherwise, it might become too large.

Step 4

Deadhead (this simply means cut off the dead flowers) when the flowers die.
It will also look more attractive when you do this.

Step 5

Water when you experience very dry periods.

Hummingbird Vine: User Feedback From

«My plants arrived ahead of schedule and in very good condition. They were smaller than I anticipated however. The green part of the plant was only about 3 inches. The root system was also about 3 inches. I planted them the next day and they look great! They are growing nicely and are now about 8 inches tall(less than a month). New leaves are sprouting out almost daily.»

«Both plants arrived in a good condition and tolerated replanting very well. I’ve had them for about a month now. It will take a while for them to grow, but they are doing well for their size. I am totally satisfied.»

«We ordered the plants thinking it would be great to have them in our yard. When they came they were so small, that one has already died and the other is not looking very good. We followed the direction excatly. These plants were way over priced for a plant that was to small to ship. We would like them to send a replacement that is larger an not just a very tiny plug. Hopefully they will stand behind thier plants.»

Hummingbird Vine Flowers: Pros and Cons


  • Thrives in all types soil
  • Pretty flowers, attractive foliage, spectacular climber


  • Really, really aggressive. grows huge, fast.
  • Can become rampant

Hummingbird Vine: What includes?

When you order the Hummingbird Vine, you get two vines plus another two vines with just additional processing and handling.

Hummingbird Vine: Order Details and Where to Buy?

When ordering today, you will receive a Set of 2 Hummingbird Vines for just $10.00 + $5.95 P&H, plus we will double your order for only an additional $5.95 P&H. This product is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee, less P&H. Orders in CT and MI will be charged sales tax. To check on the status of your order or for customer service, please call 1-855-411-4545. You can order Hummingbird Vine by following the link on Official Web Site.

Hummingbird Vine As Seen On TV Review – Watch Video Hummingbird Vine Plant