Instabulb: What is it?

Order INSTABulb OnlineInstaBulb is smartly designed and has amazing features, which are its highlights. For starters, it’s very easy to use InstaBulb. You just stick the base wherever you want to, place the bulb and pull the cord. That’s it; InstaBulb will bring light to dark, under lit corners or on your patios and attics within seconds. InstaBulb is cool to touch, which is why it’s safe for use anywhere in the house. All you have to do is slide on the base, put on the bulb, and presto! You have light! Moreover since there are no messy wires involved, you won’t have to worry about it even when you have young kids running around the house.

Instabulb is not sold in stores, and supplies of this great new product are running out fast! In order to reserve your very own Insta Bulb, you must order right away! If you order your Instabulb today, you can get a second set for a small additional fee! With a thirty-day money-back guarantee, minus Shipping and Handling, you have very little to lose and a safe and convenient light source to gain! Order yours now!

The InstaBulb lets you quickly and easily add a light bulb without any outlets or wiring. You can have a light wherever you want and when you want it. All you have to do is just stick the adhesive base on to a wall and slide in the light bulb. Then just pull the cord when you want to turn the light on and pull it again to turn it off.

InstaBulb: User Feedback From

«I love this bulb. It is working out great for my closet that has no electricity in it. Just remember to turn it off as soon as you are finished because it will eat up batteries. You may want to have an extra replacement bulb handy, when mine burned out it took 2 months to get one.»

«If there is a power shortage, or any other type of emergency, this is better than a flashlight, because it can be lifted off of it’s base and carried to any location you want to light. I have put one in every closet, and they have been very helpful in locating clothes in dark places.»

«These are amazing products. Used where there is inadequate lighting, such as a closet, stairway, cupboard, etc.. Try them; you’ll like them.»

«This is a great thing to have for closets or any other place you need light, but don’t want to pay an electrican to do it for you. It’s very simple to mount on any surface, batteries do last a long time if it’s just for minimal use.»

«This item is great when the electricity is down. I already used them twice and they do the job I need.»

Instabulb: Benefits and Features:

  • 2 Instabulb pack
  • Safe around children
  • Shatterproof and cool to touch
  • No wiring necessary
  • Battery operated
  • Slides out to become lantern
  • Stick on base, slide in bulb, and you’ve got light

Instabulb: Is it perfect for:

  • Hard to reach areas
  • When you want to avoid installing extra electrical wires
  • When you have children
  • Dark closets
  • As a gift

Instabulb: What includes?

  • Set of 2 INSTABulb™ lights

Instabulb: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can buy one set of InstaBulb (two bulbs) for $10.00 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.99 at Official Web Site. You can get another set of InstaBulb by paying separate $6.99 shipping and handling fee.

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