Juicebar Portable Solar Charger: What is it?

Order Juicebar Portable Solar Charger OnlineDespite it’s name, the JuiceBar is not the newest health drink franchise trend sweeping across the country. And it’s not a fruit-infused snackbar loaded with a full months supply of vitamin C. Instead, this JuiceBar is full of electronic gadget juice, also known as extra battery power – and it’s our favorite flavor.

This sleek re-chargeable battery pack stores enough power to charge most handheld electronics and can charge a typical cell phone several times. The JuiceBar’s internal Li-ion battery can be re-charged via USB connection or via the built-in solar panel. This arrangement gives you maximum flexibility while traveling or computing.

Included with the JuiceBar are 4 common connectors for popular mobile phones and portable electronic gadgets. If none of the included connectors will work with your device the JuiceBar’s standard USB port is ready to accept one your existing USB cables. There is also a handy LED indicator on the JuiceBar to show you when it’s charging its internal battery and what the current power level is. There is even a built in flashlight so you never get caught in the dark.

We’ve all been there when you look at your phone and the battery’s low but you won’t have chance to charge it until later in the evening. Being without a phone for most of us is sadly, like being without a limb. We depend so much on our phones these days and not being able to contact our friends and family when out and about is a pain and sometimes unsafe.

The Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger is a cool portable charger that gives your phone extra power when it needs it most. And not only does it work on most mobile phones, it also charges your iPhone®, iPod®, Blackberry®, MP3 Player or handheld games console – this charger has an adapter to suit most devices.

Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger: What does it work?

The fast-paced lifestyle of the modern world had led to the development of gadgets that allow people work while on the go. Such is the purpose of recently developed pc tablets, smart phones, and laptops that allow people to transact businesses even while travelling. With the proliferation of such mobile gadgets, there is also an equal need for chargers for these gadgets that don’t depend on available power outlets. Such need is promised to be addressed by the Juicebar Multi-Device Pocket Solar Charger. Equipped with a 2000 mAh battery, this charger claims to create high-capacity energy from sunlight exposure. This stored energy can be transferred through USB in order to recharge compatible electronic objects. Hence, one can re-energize PDAs and mp3 players whenever or wherever one needs it. Additionally, since it harnesses the power of solar energy, the Juicebar charger is said to contribute to the reduction of one’s ecological footprint. To charge, simply leave the Juicebar Charger in the sun. The red LED light will automatically turn on whilst the charger is charging and once it is fully powered up, the light will turn off.

All you need to do then is pop the appropriate connector into your gadget and pop it into the charger. A green LED light will then appear whilst it is charging up – easy! And, if you happen to be at home or near a power socket, you can always quickly power up the charger using a USB connector – the choice is yours.

Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger: User Feedback From Amazon.com

«I admit, I was a tiny bit skeptical when I first ordered the juice bar. But after receiving it, I am truly amazed! It charges so easily in the sun or plugged into the computer, I wonder who could possibly live without it! If you have ever had your cell phone die because of a low battery, then I highly recommend buying one of these! With all the little adapters that come with it, there’s one that will pretty much fit almost everything that can be charged! I have used it with my PSP, my son keeps taking it from my desk to his room to charge his cell phone, and it’s really a tiny little solar-powered life saver! Wow!»

«I need the power cord & the iTunes adapter coming out of the JuiceBar and going to my iPhone. This is a great product! I was using in on my RAGBRAI bike ride with 10,000 other riders by taping it to my aero bars but lost the cord! Thanks for coming up with this! I love it!»

«Juicebar was redesigned October 2011 and the new model is flawless! It now has a 2000 mAh battery, a built-in usb port, no more reset button, and a ton of additional new features for the SAME PRICE! For quality, power and features, no other solar charger comes close. Shop and compare – there’s only 1 real Juicebar Solar Charger out there!»

Juicebar Portable Solar Charger: Benefits

This is the perfect solar charger for travel because you don’t need to take multiple charging devices. This solar charger uses a standard USB and your own charging cable. There’s even a LED flashlight attached that comes in handy quite a lot. Now there’s the Juicebar Multi-Device Solar Charger. This genius device uses the sun’s rays (or indoor lighting) to charge everything from cell phones to handheld game systems to MP3 players. It’s a great size, too, fitting easily into a pocket or purse.

Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger: Features

  • Pocket size universal battery charger
  • High capacity 2000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Charges via USB connection or solar panel
  • Solar panel: 5.5 volt / 100mAh
  • Status indicator light
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Standard USB out for maximum compatibility with existing cables
  • Included connectors: Micro USB, Mini USB, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP
  • Also includes: accessory bag, USB cable, charging cable
  • No iPhone/iPod adapter is included because it works with the one you already have

Juicebar Solar Charger: What includes?

  • Charge via the sun or USB port
  • Sleek, stainless steel design
  • Only weighs 4 ounces
  • Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • 1x – Juicebar Multi-Device Solar Charger
  • 2x – USB cords
  • 4x – Adapter tips
  • 1x – Carrying case
  • Instructions

Juicebar Portable Solar Charger: Technical Details

  • Powerful 1500 mAh Battery
  • Rechargeable using any USB connection or the built in solar panel
  • Mono crystalline solar panel: 5.5 volt – 80 mAh
  • Free accessory bag
  • 12 Connectors for all popular mobile phones and electronic devices

Juicebar Solar Charger: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger costs $49.99 by following the link on Official Web Site. This device available only for US.

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