Lavender Garden: What is it?

Order Lavender Garden OnlineNow you can create an ever-blooming hedge of exquisite fragrance and beauty! Imagine hundreds and hundreds of delicate, fragrant flowers blossoming forth on each and every plant. Fragrant, royal-tinted spires shooting out to almost 12″ lengths from June to first frost. And each plant is fully crowned with bushy, silver-green foliage reaching up to 11/2 feet high!

Just smell the charming Old English fragrance drifting on the gentlest breeze through your open windows month after month, all summer long. Best of all, our Super-Hardy Lavender survives the ravages of winter to bloom season after season, year after year. Remember too, Super-Hardy Lavender will bloom the first year… we guarantee it! For a dense hedge Super-Hardy Lavender should be planted 11/2 ft. apart. Its so easy to grow – it will become one of the treasures of your garden that you will enjoy every day! One of the prettiest and most practical plants to grow and have all year round is lavender. Lavender is one of the scents you usually see used in aromatherapy and this is because it is a scent associated with relaxation and detoxification. Would you not want to be able to grow an entire garden of hardy English lavender? With Lavender Garden Flower Grower, you will be able to grow entire hedges of this perennial plant and enjoy Old English fragrance. You need not replant your garden year after year.

Lavender Garden: User Feedback From

“I put these lavender seeds in the starting pot, and and they start to glow just in a week. I am very happy see the result.”

“Lost 3 out of the group the first year. not much flowering but the others seem to holding up ok. hope to get flowers this year.”

“My flowers were great! Very pleased with my lavender plants. I will be getting some more of these and placing them where I can catch their aroma, through my windows, and the places I like to sit and watch nature. You should smell them when you water them…just such a pleasant aroma, makes my heart hap.”

Lavender Garden: Features

  • Thrives in direct and/or partial sunlight
  • Perfect for adding color and fragrance to your yard or garden
  • Grows indoors for beautiful floral arrangements year round
  • Can easily be used for potpourri or home made air fresheners

Lavender Plants: Benefits

Your Hearty English Lavender comes ready-to-plant and convert your garden from dried to “Pride-Of-the-Neighborhood”. Magestic Lavender flowers fill the breeze with the refreshing scent.

Lavender grow both in sun and partial shade, stand rigid winters and they are amongst the first to blossom in the spring. They even continue to prosper through hot, dry summer. And it is just not for the outdoor, the indoor floral arrangements make perfect air fresheners. Use it for sachets to keep your clothing and Lenin smelling fresh. One of the most uplifting fragrances in all of nature is English lavender, a perfume so much admired that vast fields of lavender plants are grown in England, Provence, Tasmania and Morocco.

Our young, rooted transplants will form cushions of aromatic purple-blue flower spikes on long stems ideal for cutting. A few sprigs clustered in a vase can fill an entire room with its romantic fragrance. Swirled in a bathtub, they will even scent the water. Plants thrive in poor soil, survive drought and even severe winters, to rebloom each season.

Plant in any sunny part of your garden: even create a low-growing lavender hedge by spacing plants 18″ apart so the outstretched stems mingle to create a solid stroke of color.

Plant 2″-3″ deep and 1′-2′ apart. Flowers 3rd season and goes dormant in winter.

Lavender Garden Plants: Pros and Cons


  • Requires few materials and can be decorative
  • Prevents mold growth, no hang space needed and faster processing time
  • Quickly dries, helps flowers retain color and kills insects


  • Takes about a week or longer to dry and may introduce insects to your house
  • Heats up the house and needs supervision
  • A microwave holds smaller amounts than an oven

Lavender Garden: Specification

  • Type: perennial in zones 5 to 10
  • Planting time: after last spring frost
  • Features: gray-green foliage, lovely fragrance
  • Height: 20 to 24 inches
  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil: Needs good drainage, drier soil
  • Spacing: 18 inches apart
  • Garden use: Containers, herb, vegetable and flower beds
  • Culinary use: Continental cuisine, baking, teas, jellies, sugars, salts

Lavender Garden: What includes?

  • 3 Lavender Plants

Lavender Garden: Order Details and Where to Buy?

Get 6 English Lavender Garden Plants for just $9.99 + $11.90 S/h. Total amount $21.89. This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less P&H. Orders in CT and MI will be charged sales tax. You can order Lavender Garden by following the link on Official Web Site.

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