Lint Lizard: What is it?

Order Lint Lizard Ins Stores OnlineThere is an As Seen on TV infomercial for a dryer lint cleaner. It’s called the lint lizard.

With Lint Lizard being such a popular and highly sought after product it would seem to make sense that you could type in “Lint Lizard Amazon” on Google and find it easily. I tried doing this but it came up with all sorts of weird results for dryer lint removal products. While I was there I decided to size up Lint Lizard to the other dryer lint removal products to see if I really was making the best choice.

Basically Lint Lizard is an extended hose for your vacuum that is designed to fit in your lint trap. After you attach it to your vacuum, you feed the hose in the nooks and crannies of the dryer. It sucks trapped lint out of the dryer. The amount of lint it collects depends on many factors. First, experts recommend you give your dryer a deep cleaning every year. If you haven’t done this for a while–you’ll probably find more lint than you’d ever expect. Second, it depends on how often you clean your removable lint filter. If you don’t clean this filter before and after each use; you’ll likely find a lot of lint in the dryer’s internal ducts.

The Lint Lizard is a wise purchase that will eventually pay for itself after a few months. It is a well designed and useful product, and comes at an affordable price.

Lint Lizard: What does it work?

It would be kinda silly if the Lint Lizard didn’t work now wouldn’t it? I mean, the as seen on tv Lint Lizard is not a piece of machinery, its an attachment for your vacuum and I cant imagine it not working even with the cheapest vacuum money can by because it’s applying quite a lot of suction to a small opening. Specifically though, I was pretty amazed at the amount of lint that was down in my dryer! I had to jiggle in in and out a few times to get it all because the lint was so compacted down in there, but I managed to get all the dryer lint out in just a couple of minutes! They offered 2 Lint Lizard for the price of one so I used the other one for the far more dirty jobs of cleaning under the other appliances. I am VERY glad they gave me 2 Lint Lizards because the one I used to clean out under the stove was pretty gross by the time I was done! I sucked out all sorts of oily old food particles and crud that simply could not even be identified from under there!

Not only does my dryer work MUCH better now, I feel so much better about the cleanliness of my entire kitchen as well! I was so excited with how well the Lint Lizard worked so far, that I couldn’t even wait a day to put on the Dust Lizard (or whatever it’s called) and hit those dirty ceiling fan blades! Ohhh, I can’t begin to tell you how easy it was compared to having to get a ladder, and a bucket and towel to wipe them down! I simply attached it to my vacuum extension, bent it over to about a 45 degree angle and wiped the blades down in seconds! We have 5 ceiling fans in our house and I was able to clean them all in less than 5 minutes, and had NO CLEANUP afterwards! Amazing!

Lint Lizard: How Does It Affect Your Clothes?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you run your dryer for a long time the clothes still come out damp. This is because there is a lot of lint trapped on the lint catcher or within the actual air vents. The air cannot get to the clothes to help them dry, and so you have to run the dryer twice as long as you normally would. After you use the Lint Lizard you will see that your clothes will get dry in as little as half of the time it was taking them before. This will free up your time to do less laundry.

Lint Lizard: Benefits and Features

  • Neat and easy removal of residual dryer lint
  • Lint Lizard attaches to any vacuum hose
  • Works really well in unreachable places like under the refrigerator, behind wardrobes etc.
  • Safe guards your home against lint vent fires
  • Increases your dryer’s energy efficiency and drying time
  • Comes with Two Lint Lizard Hoses and one Dust Lizard

Lint Lizard: Pros and Cons


  • Keeps the dryer running for a longer time
  • Prevents fire by cleaning the accumulated lint in the dryer vents
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Compatible to any standard vacuum cleaner and can be easily attached
  • Flexible 44 inch hose
  • Lint Lizard much cheaper than hiring a mechanic
  • Great for cleaning under heavy appliances too
  • Attaches right to your vaccuum hose at home in seconds
  • Special Fan Nozzle is designed to clean vent screens


  • Might not solve all other dryer problems
  • Requires a vacuum to operate
  • Powerful vacuum may cause the tube to collapse

Lint Lizard: What includes?

  • 1 Lint Lizard – Lint Tool
  • 1 Dust Lizard

Lint Lizard: Order Details and Where to Buy?

Lint Lizard is $25 when it’s all said and done, but you get two of them plus you get an extra bonus, the Dust Dragon. So you get three items shipped right to your door for $25. It’s not really justifiable why you would need two Lint Lizards, other than they want to pad your order total. Maybe you could give the extra one to a friend, or just keep it handy in case the first one breaks. You can order Lint Lizard by following the link on Official Site.

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