Lovers Cushion: What is it?

Order Lovers Cushion OnlineThe Lovers Cushion enhances lovemaking for both of you. It will allow you and your partner to enjoy the most comfortable sexual positions ever. The innovative design of the Lovers Cushion improves the angle and depth so both of you will have a more pleasurable experience. If you’re looking for a way to spice up things a little, the Lovers Cushion is the perfect choice.

The Lovers Cushion was created to enhance lovemaking by improving the angle and depth of penetration, and best of all it really works! The ergonomic design of the Lovers Cushion increases muscle comfort during sex, it actually works with your body to make lovemaking better. There has never been a product like the Lovers Cushion. Innovative and unique, it is sure to add a lot to the connection between you and your partner.

Improve your sex life. Enjoy sexual activity in the most comfortable, pleasurable positions youve ever experienced.The Lovers Cushion was created to enhance lovemaking by improving the angles and depth of penetration, and it really works! The Lovers Cushion has an innovative ergonomic construction which increases muscle comfort during sex, allowing for protection of the tailbone and hip. As an added bonus, the Lovers Cushion was designed by gynecologists in Europe to help couples engage in unique sex positions to increase the likelihood of insemination.Men get a deeper and more sensual penetration and women get a more fulfilling and stimulating experience when using the anatomically designed Lovers Cushion.Spice up those intimate moments. Our scientifically sculpted Lovers Cushion is an anatomically designed sex cushion that will lift, tilt, and hold the hips up, at the perfect angle for the absolute most pleasurable position possible. Easy to maintain and store, the Lovers Cushion is guaranteed to spice up your sex life whether youre a middle-aged businessman, housewife or 20-something grad student.

Lovers Cushion: User Feedback From

«The product doesn’t look like much however when used it does help lift and get your body in a more assessable position…intensifies the love making session. Great buy!!!»

«It is especially good for those who have lower back or hip pain. The angle is perfect for both partners. It enhances intercourse by making it more pleasurable for both partners. It’s the best $30.00 we spent.»

«This really helped my wife reach a climax and takes stress off the male’s lower back. Especially useful if you have a pillowtop bed that sinks.»

Lovers Cushion: Features

  • Created to enhance lovemaking by improving the angles and depth of penetration
  • Innovative ergonomic construction which increases muscle comfort during sex, allowing for protection of tailbone and hip
  • Increases the likelihood of insemination and conceiving
  • Doctor approved for enhancing pleasure and conceiving
  • Scientifically sculpted for deeper penetration
  • Created to enhance the moment by improving the angles and depth achieved
  • Innovative ergonomic construction which increases muscle comfort
  • Thought to increase conception chance so be careful

Lovers Cushion: Benefits

  • Uniquely designed, patented, ergonomic shape, adds comfort to lovemaking. The Little Deeper lover’s cushion is designed not only for her, but for him as well. Couples experience sensational pleasure when using the Little Deeper lover’s cushion.
  • For “Her”: The contour, from the low to the high end, provides comfortable, but firm support while lifting and holding the hips at the most desirable angle.
  • For “Him”: The uniquely designed shape provides space for his legs and knees to comfortably move in, under and closer to her elevated hips for the deepest penetration possible.
  • Compact size: 23″ x 21″ x 7″ It is not too big or too small. It can comfortably support hundreds of pounds in motion. One size fits all and it conveniently stands by the bed or slides under the bed ready for that special moment.
  • The cushion comes with a luxurious red cover which is removable for washing. It also comes with a 100% nylon black travel and storage case for discreet traveling and storage. It is shipped to you in a plain box from our Las Vegas Distribution Center.
  • The polyurethane cushion is injected molded in Michigan using the latest technology that insures perfect quality for every cushion we manufacture. The polyester cover is expertly made and perfectly stitched with a matching nylon zipper that is designed to slide under a protective portion of cloth when properly closed. This red cover can be removed and washed. Compress the foam cushion when reinstalling the cover and closing the nylon zipper.
  • The 100% nylon storage bag is designed to keep the cushion clean, dust free and discrete. This cover is also expertly made with a matching two-way nylon zipper that covers three sides of the cushion. It stands on end or hangs behind the door and has enough extra room to store small related items of interest.

Lovers Cushion: Pros and Cons


  • Discounts on volume purchases may be offered
  • May be lightweight and easy for storage
  • Improving the angles and depth of penetration
  • Enhancing pleasure and conceiving


  • May end up costing individuals a lot of money
  • May not be effective in boosting sexual desire and stamina
  • May be inferior to capsule-based sexual enhancers

Lovers Cushion: What includes?

  • 1 The Original Lovers Cushion

Lovers Cushion: Measurements

  • Measures: 38 x 38 x 7cm
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Unit Dimensions: 16″ X 16″ X 5″

Lovers Cushion: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Lovers Cushion costs $29.99 plus shipping and handling by following the link on Official Web Site.