Luminess Air Makeup System: What is it?

Luminess Air an organization that prides itself in its premium airbrush makeup products, has produced a 30-day offer of the complete Luminess Air airbrush system for a low cost of $29.95. The Luminess Air system is the same one utilized on Television, Film and Print for making the celebs skin look excellent which enable it to do the same for you personally.

Luminess Air works the best for ladies who desire to do away with uneven complexion and earlier indications of aging of the skin such as fine lines, big pores and wrinkles. Luminess Air system is not like every other standard make-up since it doesn’t cake when applied to the facial skin providing you with a significantly higher chance to reinstate your glowing and young skin.

Regular makeups make use of a sponge and brush for the duration of application, thus making combination contamination when used in differing people; Luminess Air uses an airbrush system thus staying away from such troubles providing you a smoother skin, a greater makeup complete and a long-lasting result.

Luminess Air make-up is also ideal for wedding brides to have that younger looking and pleased shine that will emanate from the photographs.

Luminess Air Everyday Airbrush Beauty System: What does it work?

This Luminess Air system is both simple and easy , handy to use. Just switch on the airbrush, place several drops of the makup on the stylus pen after which lightly apply to your face or body. The airbrush is will help reduce the look of blemishes, age spots, large skin pores, wrinkles, inflammation, acne and face lines for making your skin layer look more younger and delightful. All in only 50 % of time it takes to use conventional cosmetics. The Luminess Airbrush System provides you with an incredible look and at the same time it really is very light-weight and feels just like you had no make-up on whatsoever.

luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System: What are the ingredients used?

The primary components of this cosmetic product are PEG 100 Stearate and Glyceryl Stearate. They’re clinically confirmed harmless and are efficient anti-aging ingredients. In reality, you may even utilize this product irrespective of your skin type and condition. Just be certain that your face is clean sufficient before you apply the make-up.

Luminess Air: Benefits and Features

  • High quality Airbrush System
  • Offers optimum protection for most skin concerns
  • Considerably faster and much less messy to use than typical make-up
  • No trouble with large equipment
  • Perfectly pixelates the most smooth and natural-looking complete
  • Lightweight below 1 lb
  • Offers related results to an industrial airbrush makeup machine
  • UL listed
  • No mess
  • Air compressor and stylus pen manufactured from plastic and stainless-steel
  • Measures approximately. 8″L x 6-1/2″W x 3″H

Brightening Glow

  • Improves skins complexion
  • Brightens the look of skin within minutes


  • Supplies a perfect, natural and healthy look
  • Oil- and alcohol-free
  • Mineral-based
  • For sale in many different colors


  • Water-based basis
  • Is available in 12 color-correct shades
  • Offers you optimal coverage for the most natural-looking complete
  • Functions as concealer and foundation in a single
  • Helps hide and cover skin problems including acne scarring, spots and discolorations

Every Skin Tone Choice Consists of:

  • 2 ultra foundations, colors varying according to complexion chosen
  • 1 blush, color according to complexion chosen
  • Brightening glow

Luminess Air Pro Beauty Airbrush System: Pros and Cons

The various arguments in favour of and against a Luminess Air you can find below:


  • User friendly
  • Super quick use of foundation
  • Strong Airflow
  • Good storage system; adorable design on air compressor
  • Foundation appears like skin
  • Undertone system clear and understandable
  • A lot of products accessible; Matte, to Satin Foundations, to Body Bronzers
  • Training Packet; DVD are quite clear and straightforward to follow
  • Affordable for an airbrush system
  • Very easy to clean; just have a combination of water and pharmacy alcohol; no requirement for fancy cleansers.


  • If you wish to alter the speed, that one speed system won’t enable you do that until you withdraw less on the handle. You’ll should buy the Pro 3 speed system.
  • The rubber hose-pipe connected to the airbrush could possibly get broken and poked if you are not cautious
  • May seem a little pricey in the beginning if you are not accustomed to thinking about buying an Luminess Air Makeup System
  • No holster for the airbrush stylus
  • You decide to go through the Satin foundation rapidly; many people will discover that you’ll require over the recommended 6-8 drops
  • Using eyeshadow or blush using the one speed system can be a a bit more tricky as you have a lesser amount of pressure
  • No cap has the airbrush stylus; you need to be careful to keep the cup vertical or you’ll drip makeup on your self.

Luminess Air Premium System: What includes?

  • The individual Beauty Airbrush (Silicon Hose, Stylus pen, and Stylus Holder)
  • The Hello Airbrush Travel Bag
  • A Beginning DVD (Bilingual, French and English)
  • AC Adapter
  • Kit Bronzer: high-lighting that summer shine
  • Luminess Moisturiser/ Primer; with E vitamin and Olive ingredients
  • Pearlizer/Body Shimmer
  • Cleansing Plastic Bottle
  • and 4 Personal Shades of foundation blush: Colour vary from either our fair, tan, medium or darkish

Luminess Air Airbrush System: Order Details and Where to Buy?

To be able to try out this system you’ll pay a $29.95 + s&h fee (if you’re a US customer). This will take you a 1 month trial of the Luminess Air airbrush system. After your 1 month are up, you’ll then begin getting charged for the full price of $229.95 + s&h over 4 monthly obligations where the initial $29.95 will be applied to the whole final cost as well.

You can buy this Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Everyday Airbrush Beauty System by following the link on Official Site.

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