Mighty Fixit: What is it?

Order Mighty Fixit Flexible Silicone Tape OnlineMighty Fixit is not tape but a flexible, air tight, water resistant silicone wrap. Just stretch and wrap around anything that needs fixing. Have a broken branch? No problem. How about saving a sprinkler line? Mighty Fix It tape instantly fuses to itself no matter what the surface. Wet or dry, this mighty repair tape flexes like rubber and holds like steel. And, it won’t leave any sticky residue behind. This super repair tape withstands the heat up to 800 UL to safely insulate your wiring job, and even holds up to below zero temperatures. No more throwing away expensive appliances because of a broken cord. Mighty Fixit creates a safe, insulated and protected cover. You can even save money on tools and sporting goods by using it to create new grips.

You suddenly hear the sound of rushing water and step out in your garage to see a puddle of water quickly rising into a small lake. Your pipes have busted. Who wants to pay for a plumber, and will you really be able to get one this late at night? Nobody likes expensive damage that life brings. MightyFixIt is your inexpensive hero. It seals, insulates and protects, saving you money. And you know it works because it has been used by the military and top manufacturing industries for years. Regular tape is temporary and glue is messy, but Mighty Fix It silicone wrap is easy, fast and strong.

Mighty Fixit: What does it work?

Mighty Fixit is not a tape but a flexible silicone wrap that creates an airtight and watertight seal in seconds. Just stretch and wrap. It fuses to itself flexes like rubber and holds like steel. Tape is temporary, glues are sticky mess but Mighty Fixit has no sticky adhesive instead it fuses to itself, as you wrap it folds to fit any surface wet or dry.

Use it to fix a leaky pipe without calling the plumber and don’t throw away that expensive appliance Mighty Fixit safely repairs all your power cords (Rated safe up to 8000 volts) saving you money. Mighty Fixit stands the heat to safely insulate all your wiring jobs. A blown radiator hose can be a roadside nightmare..not with Mighty Fixit it seals in seconds so you can get on the road. It even works at temperatures below 0 degree Celsius (-75 degree F). A hole in your vacuum hose means no pickup, Mighty Fixit restores the suction so you can pick it up an clean it up. Use Mighty Fixit to create new grips on tools, outside mend broken branches, seal sprinkler lines and garden hoses.

Mighty Fixit: User Feedback From Amazon.com

«Had a leaking pipe. Slowed the leak to a trickle immediately. After 24 hours the leak stopped completely. Great product. Worth every penny.»

«You’ll want to keep this on hand. It has a multitude of uses. It sticks to itself and can be wrapped and stretched for a neat fit. I bought it in case of a plumbing leak. It’ll stop a leak as long as you can wrap it around itself. If you’re uneasy about the repair, you can call a plumber on a non-emergency basis or get the necessary parts. Although the label says that it is only temporary… well, I used a temporary plumbing fix and it lasted for eight years and unless I was replacing the pipe for an upgrade, it’d probably still be ok. For that, I used the putty-like goop. I have that on hand, also. I can see where this tape would be good for electric wire also instead of electrical tape. And it would be ideal for a garden hose repair.»

«This is my second purchase of this stuff. I have used it to repair a leaking p trap about a year ago, and it is still dry. I have also used this for electrical wrapping inside a low voltage device (5V Max). It works great. It is easily removed and leaves NO sticky residue like electrical tape. I also used this to cover the wooden handle of an ancient garden hoe. It makes it much easier on the hands than the original handle. I DO agree with the other reviewer about the colors. Black or grey would be a welcome change. Overall I have been surprisingly pleased with this product’s performance. I can see MANY different uses for this, and I plan to keep it on hand for future fixes and projects.»

«This stuff is basically a thicker version of teflon tape. I use these rather creatively. You know those great camelbak bite valve water bottles? Well I love the bite valve, but I really prefer drinking out of glass rather than plastic or stainless steel (regardless what people say- stainless steel does impart a slight metalic taste into the water), and currently camelbaks do not make any glass bottles. I found a glass kerplunk bottle where the mouth of the bottle almost fits the bite valve top of the camelbak but it was just a smidgen too small. I figured one wrap around of tape would make the top fit snuggly on the bottle so that it doesn’t come off, but tapes have adhesive and I didn’t want to risk any glues ending up in my water. Mighty fix it uses no adhesives whatsoever! It sticks to itself but not to anything else. So I cut a piece in half as the 1 inch thickness was too much and wraped this around the neck of the glass kerplunk bottle where the top would twist on. Then I twist on the camelback bite valve top and whala! The lid stays secure and stays put until I twist it off. And with no adhesives to worry about. I also have a stainless steel water bottle that I use for traveling out of the office which used to leak from the lid. I wraped this tape around the neck of that water bottle and no more leaks! Oh and did I mention no ADHESIVES! The tape only comes undone once a week when I place the water bottles in the dishwasher. But it’s easy as pie to get a strip and do it again for the week.»

«”Mighty Fixit” is on of the few “As Seen On TV” products that actually worked well for me. After using this for several repairs, this has earned a place in my “qucik fix” tool box.
The package contains three 10′ rolls of the tape in Red, Blue, and Yellow color, but I would have preferred White and\or Black to better match the items being fixed. Using the tape is easy, clean the surface (really important), just cut off a length of the tape, begin to wrap the tape (removing the protective plastic protective shield as you go), and stretch the tape, overlapping it as you cover the damaged area. This works well on hoses and electric cords. Recommended!»

Mighty Fixit As Seen On TV: Features and Benefits

  • Fix, seal and repair anything fast and make it last with Mighty Fixit Tape
  • Safe To Use In Electrical Applications & Emergency Auto Repairs
  • Uses For Mighty Fixit Are Unlimited, Rolls
  • Flexes like rubber, holds like steel
  • Air & water tight seal in seconds – just stretch & wrap
  • Mighty fix it can fix a multitude of items
  • A no sticky adhesive or residue design, the tape fuses to itself
  • Used to repair leaky drains, appliance cords, garden hoses, vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, sprinkler lines and to insulate power cords
  • The fast and easy way to repair and seal that can save you time as well as money
  • This silicone tape is heat resistant and works in temperatures below zero
  • Mighty Fixit Silicone Tape can be removed by gently cutting the length of the bond with a blade — no sticky residue!
  • Fuses to itself instantly
  • Stop leaks
  • Works wet or dry
  • Works on all surfaces
  • 3 rolls – 10 feet each

Mighty Fixit: Pros and Cons


  • Variety of applications
  • Works on some household repairs


  • None

Mighty Fixit: What includes?

3 rolls of Mighty Fixit Tape (10 feet each) for a total of 30 feet.

Mighty Fixit: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order two rolls of tape cost just $10 plus $8.95 shipping and handling by following the link on Official Web Site.

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