Nails in Motion: What is it?

Order Nails in Motion OnlineWomen are always crazy about having their fingernails and toenails painted. They can be very busy with work and still want to go out at the same time. Even so, many females take time to book an hour or two with their manicurist every week just to have their nails painted. Women always strive to look good and fabulous. It pays to look good especially when you have an important date or a business meeting. Sometimes when you are in a rush, it is such a bother to wait for your manicure to dry.

How many times has it happened to you? You have just had your beautiful nails done up at the salon and you thought they were already dry. Then when you took your keys out of your purse, answered your mobile phone, or started up your car, you nicked and spoiled the polish because your nails were not dry enough? When you have got Nails in Motion, you need not linger longer at the salon waiting for perfectly hardened nail polish. Nails in Motion Tip Tops is the perfect nail protector that keeps you on the go even while your nails are waiting for the polish to dry.
Your Nails in Motion Tip Tops kit comes with 8 finger-size tips and 2 for thumbs. You’ll also receive the Pretty Pedi separator sandals, totally free. That means you can walk out of a full manicure and pedicure with perfect nails and no anxiety. And as another bonus you’ll receive a carrying kit so you can take your full Nails in Motion kit to spa days, sleepovers, or even on vacation. So stop putting your life on hold for beautiful nails—they can be yours today in half the time and with half the worry.

Nails in Motion Nail Protection Kit: What does it work?
Simply put, these protectors are designed to allow salon customers to get up and go immediately after getting their manicures done.

No longer will women have to deal with quick nick fixes after just getting their nails done or having to waste time sitting at the salon waiting for their nails polish to dry.
Simply put, Nails in Motion nail protectors allow customers to pay the technician, put on their coat, find their keys, and get on with their day – something our female researchers found to be the most advantageous aspect of this product.

Just clip them onto your fingertips before your manicure and turn them around so your nail beds are exposed and you can have your polish applied. Once your nails are done just turn them around and the patented design will protect your nails from any annoying bumps and chips. Leaving your nails looking flawless.

Now you are all set to for any activity and your nails will be protected.

Nails in Motion: Benefits

  • Manicure Fingernail Protectors
  • Protect Your Mani-Pedi
  • Keep Your Nails Dry and Pristine
  • Protect That Manicure

Nails in Motion: Easy to Do

  • Put on your jacket or coat
  • Buckle your seat belt
  • Drive your car
  • Not have to wait for your nails to dry
  • Go into your purse or handbag
  • Helps prevent smears, nicks and touch-ups

Nails in Motion TipTops Nail Protection Kit: What includes?

  • Manicure Fingernail Protectors
  • Sandals and Carrying Case

Nails in Motion: The Liability

The way they say you should use it is to put the tips on upside down while you’re getting a manicure done and then switch them around once it’s finished. Once your nails are dry, you can remove the tips and enjoy your manicured nails free of all blemishes.

Nails in Motion: Order Details and Where to Buy?

20-piece Nails in Motion TipTops Nail Protection Kit – $24.99 + $6.99 S&H. Sales tax – CA, NY & SC.
Get Nails In Motion 10-piece set for just $19.99 and $14.98 shipping and handling. You can buy from the official Nails In Motion website by following the link. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Nails in Motion TipTops Nail Protection Kit As Seen On TV Review – Watch Video Nails in Motion