ProForm Ab Glider Machine: What is it?

Order ProForm Ab Glider Abdominal TrainerThe Ab Glider is one of the most recent creations of the ProForm Company. ProForm is a US based fitness equipment company that became popular due to their treadmills. Over time the company has had many great successes with exercise bikes, elliptical machines, weight benches and more—all made to provide the most effective workout. ProForm has now created the Ab Glider to help users develop the core that they’ve always wanted.

The Ab Glider is one of the most unique pieces of workout equipment on the market that delivers an incredible ab workout in a fraction of the time you’d normally spend doing crunches or situps or leg lifts. It helps you burn up to 44% more calories than similar products and only requires three minutes per day.
You may have seen other similar ab machines in fitness stores or advertised on television, but the Ab Glider works very differently than the others. First of all, Ab Glider reviews clearly state that it requires you to go through a dual motion plane, which means that you will get the same level of workout that you would get from a crunch, but you will also get to workout your obliques as well.

Ab Glider: What does it work?

You simply kneel down onto the unit and spin yourself back and forth while crunching. It feels like a simple workout (how could this possibly work?!), but in fact it’s a complex movement that helps to develop muscles and burn off fat with only a little bit of time per day. The on-board computer will allow you to to keep track of the length of the workout, your reps, and precisely how many calories you have burned during the workout.

Ab Glider Ab Machine: Is the it effective?

As you will be able to have a better cardio workout because you will use more muscles in the process, the answer is yes. Engaging more muscles as you exercise means with Proform Ab Glider you will burn twice as much calories than with any other ab toning equipment.

ProForm Ab Glider Abdominal Trainer: Benefits

It is clear there are a number of potential benefits to this after reading so many Ab Glider reviews. There are a few main ones that keep popping up so I will briefly highlight them here.
The biggest benefit is that it works! The circular and crunching dual action machine seems to help you get fast results according to the vast majority of users.
As you burn more calories you therefore burn more fat and get the figure you want much faster than a usual machine.

Another huge benefit is the digital on board computer which helps you see exactly how many calories you have burnt! This makes it easy to calculate how long you need to use the machine, and how much fat you can then burn.

One of the other huge benefits was the fact that The Ab Glider puts the body in the perfect position to target the stomach muscles without stressing other muscle groups, such as the neck. You sit up on the machine with your knees on the seat and your hands holding handlebars. From there you can simply pull your body through vertical and lateral motions that cause your abdominals to twist in different ways. You can target all of the abdominal muscles with these motions, rather than just working the upper or lower abs at a time through floor work.

Ab Glider ProForm: Features:

  • Two motion capability: lateral (circular) and vertical (crunch)
  • Double motion burns twice the calories as competing machines
  • Diverse range of muscles worked out in addition to core abs
  • Steel frame for maximum durability
  • Multi-position Adjustable Seat
  • 180 degree off the floor track
  • 2 workout DVDs and food guide
  • Max user weight – 300 lbs

ProForm Ab Glider Workouts: Pros and Cons


It is quite a sturdy piece of equipment that wasn’t to hard to set up. After 10 minutes I really did feel a burn that other ab machines didn’t give me. At first I felt it the most in my arms but I think I may have been doing it wrong. After a couple of weeks I did notice a different in my arms and the strength of my stomach. Its also quite well priced.


The downside of this small, light construction is that the glider might feel wobbly beneath you. This can be a particular problem if you weigh close to the glider’s weight limit, which varies between brands and models but typically ranges between 250 and 350 lbs.

Ab Glider ProForm Machine: What includes?

  • 1 Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Ab Glider
  • Weight-Loss Eating Guide
  • Amazing Abs DVD
  • 3-Minute Results DVD

Ab Glider ProForm Machine: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You won’t find this product in stores just yet, but when you order it from their official web site, you will get a free weight loss eating guide, an Amazing Abs DVD, a three-minute results DVD, and an onboard computer. All of these have a value of over $159, plus you will get to try it for 30 days. If you decide that you don’t like it, then simply return it.

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