Ahh Bra: What is it?

Order Ahh Bra OnlineThe Ahh Bra is a breakthrough undergarment which is enabling countless women to acquire a perfect fitted solution, for any cup size, without the typical expense that accompanies custom fit bras. Before the advent of the Ahh Bra a women was forced to go to great lengths to find an affordable bra that was not only comfortable but positively accented their figure.

The cups and band of the ahh bra are constructed from a high-tech advanced knit, which creates support while being amazingly soft against the skin. A knit-in center triangle prevents the ‘uni-boob’ look common on some knit bras. This means the Ahh bra prevents bra-bulge above and under your arms. Better yet, it comes without underwire, hook or eyes. And, the ahh bra will still give you a custom fit regardless of gaining or losing weight.

Ahh Bra: What does it work?

The Ahh Bra is the most comfortable bra for women of all shapes and sizes. The wide band under the bust and soft center front, and side ruching makes the bra extremely comfortable and supportive. To benefit from additional support without the bulk of a traditional bra, try wearing two bras.

The Ahh bra get good reviews by small to medium size breasts women. The wide straps at the bottom flatten any “fat waves in the back and the front, the gap between the caps make a nice cleavage to go with “V” neck sweaters and shirts. The overall support is good and the bra is comfortable to wear and feel good on the body, even if you have sensitive skin.

If you are large busts the Ahh bra is good in the house or when going out under large loose sweater. It is comfortable to wear but do not give enough support large busts women need when working out or wearing tight shirt. But even if you do have large busts the Ahh bra is a good leisure bra.

Ahh Bra: Who is Rhonda Shear?

Rhonda Shear is one of the most celebrated Hollywood stars. For over 20 years, Rhonda graced television screens as a television host, actress and comedian. She is well known for her role in “USA Up All Night”. Having spent so much time backstage, prepping herself for various roles, Rhonda Shear managed to learn the secrets of delusion and camouflage. It is this knowledge that prompted her to create cutting-edge bra designs for women of all ages that are not only looking for comfortable bras, but designs that bring out the sexy in them. It is this knowledge that led to the inception of Ahh Bras.

Ahh Bra: User Feedback From Amazon.com

“I HATE wearing bras, but then who does? These really work for me and I forget I am wearing a bra. That’s the best thing about them!”
“These are just as advertised, they are a little pricey though. But, I love Ahh Bra and recommend them to anyone. They are comfortable and easy to take care of and look great on. So buy them!”
“This bra is great for around the house. Also wear two for better support. I have the white and black. Very comfortable.”
“Well i was expecting another sports bra fit. Ahh Bras are very comfortable. At first i was skeptical because of how then they are. Tried one on and i must say they dont feel like normal bras or sports bras and dont fit tightly, almost like nothings there. I have a hard time with bra sizes and comfort with sports bras. Saw these on tv and figured would give a try and am glad i did. Thanks!”
“This was an awesome deal……half the price of the TV offer and identical product. I received the items in a matter of a couple of days. This purchase was perfect….THANK YOU”

Ahh Bra: Features

  • Unlike other bras, the Ahh Bra does not create any bulges on your back; in other words, it provides a smooth appearance to your shirt or t-shirt.
  • It lifts and supports the breast by giving them appealing shape; so when you wear the Ahh Bra you can be sure to feel more confident about your body than before.
  • The Ahh Bra provides complete coverage for your breast provided you get the right size for yourself.
  • One good thing about Ahh Bra is that it completely eliminates the visibility of underarm bulge; and you can be more comfortable especially when you wear a sleeveless shirt.
  • It is presently available in three colors – black, white and nude; this simply means, they are good for almost all colors of clothes you wear!

Ahh Bra: Pros and Cons


  • Unlike typical bras, the Ahh Bra is quite easy to wear. Due to age, most women tend to lose flexibility in their hands as a result of conditions such as arthritis. The bra can be put on in the same manner as a tank-top. All you have to do is pull it over your head.
  • Ultimate comfort. As pointed out earlier, this particular design has been made with comfort in mind. The material from which the bras have been made from feels good to the skin, and as such you can wear the bra for prolonged period of time without feeling discomfort.
  • The Ahh Bra is machine washable. This in turn saves you precious time lost in setting aside your bras for hand washing.
  • Provides your breasts with support while at the same time defining the breasts.
  • Guarantee. The fact that the Ahh Bra comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee is an enough reason to purchase the bra.


  • AHH Bra’s bottom band tends to roll up at times, but it’s usually not a big problem as that only happens if you choose the wrong size.
  • Another drawback is the sizing; many find it difficult to find the right size of the bra especially when they order online. Below we cover how to choose the right size of AHH Bra, just you scroll down.

Ahh Bra: Composition

Ahh bra comes with 96% premium nylon and 4% spandex with Four-way knitted fabric. The bra is woven instead of wire construction. With no hooks or adjusting clips, the bras are machine washable. In fact, it’s the elasticity instead which makes you look firm and beautiful.

Ahh Bra: What Sizes?

In case you are considering a purchase of the Ahh Bra, attached is a sizing guideline, copied from the official website.

The Ahh Bra sizing is remarkable and based on your real size. You can get it in Missy sizes, or Women’s sizes up to a 4x. You don’t need a measuring tape and worry about it not fitting properly, you simply match your shirt size and get ready for a firm comfortable fit.

No matter if you wearing a t-shirt, or your sexy little red dress, you get a great fit, even if you wear it to the gym for a butt kicking workout. You can get a range of colors and some say it feels like a second skin. No more expense on those high priced bras that caused so much pain, the Ahh Bra replaces those with a breath of fresh air.

Follow this Ahh Bra size guideline if you are still not sure what size to order.

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra Sizes

Ahh Bra by Rhonda Shear: Order Details and Where to Buy?

The Ahh Bra is available at the Official Site. They are available in three colors and in all cup sizes. They are currently running a special where if you buy 1, you get 2 for free. This is quite a deal and I don’t know how much longer it will be running, so you’d better hurry. They also provide a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is re-assuring

Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra As Seen On TV Review – Watch Video Ahh Bra