Schticky Lint Roller: What is it?

Order Schticky Lint Roller OnlineSchticky is a re-usable lint roller that can be used on a variety of surfaces to clean many types of messes. This roller claims to be a great solution for quickly cleaning up lint, dust, dirt, and hair. The Schticky is supposedly made from a special silicone that gets slippery when wet but sticky when dry, making the roller easy to clean by rinsing it in water while maintaining the roller’s stickiness. Because it is re-usable, the Schticky can save up to $100 a year over paper-based lint rollers. The spokesman for the Schticky is Vince Offer, the pitchman best known for the ShamWow commercial. Also available is the “Little Schticky,” a small, portable version. The advertising claims Schticky is safe for all sorts of clothing fabrics from velvet to wool. The large version is the “Big Schticky,” designed for cleaning messes off of floors and carpets. The Big Schticky features a brush attachment that pulls up hairs deeply embedded in carpet fibers

Schticky Lint Roller: What does it work?

Using the Schticky lint roller is a very easy process. It contains a sticky rolling surface that can pick up anything from pet hair, to lint, to small dirty particles. All you have to do, is roll it across whatever surface you want to clean, and it picks up any undesirable particles in its path.

Since I have a cat at home, I have found this product to particularly useful for cleaning up pet hair on my couch. Whenever I have had enough of the amount of pet hair on my couch, I just pull out my Schticky, and roll it across the couch cushions.

It does a great job removing pet hair, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a pet.

Another common use for this product is for removing lint on clothing. All you do is roll it along a piece of clothing, and it quickly picks up any lint or unsightly particles in its path.
After you’re done cleansing using your Schticky, you just rinse out your plastic sleep pad inside hot water. Locks, lint, soil, and also other trash wash off since the plastic content gets very cunning. Next, the moment it can be dried out, the particular Schticky Lint Roller can be as neat and while sweaty because fresh.

Schticky Lint Roller: Commitment

The Schticky should actually be a time saver, since in theory you’ll be able to quickly clean up all sorts of things around your home without having to change from a broom, to a vacuum, to a lint-roller. Just remember to use it in the moment, because it can be easy to forget that you bought it, and revert to your usual way of cleaning up the messes in your life.

Schticky Lint Roller: Benefits and Features:

  • Works on fabrics from wool to velvet
  • Can do multiple surfaces; you don’t have to go from vacuum to broom
  • Pick up pet hair from clothes or the sofa
  • Great for cobwebs, curtains or other hard to reach places
  • Its slippery when wet and sticky when dry

The Schticky Washable Lint Roller: Pros and Cons


  • Cleans easily
  • There is no need of buying refills
  • Is available in different sizes
  • Is used on multiple surfaces
  • Has a 10 year warranty


  • Handle is rather short
  • It is only available in one color

Schticky Lint Roller: What includes?

  • Schticky™
  • Little Schticky™
  • FREE Bonus (Just Pay Separate P&H)
  • Big Schticky™

The Schticky Washable Lint Roller: Order Details and Where to Buy?
You can order ‘little’ Schticky – $19.95 + $7.95 S&H and ‘big’ Schticky – $5.95 P&H by following the link on Official Site. Sales tax: FL & CA.

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