Slim Away: What is it?

Order Slim Away OnlineThe Slim Away Waist Slimming Belt is an undergarment that evenly distributes any extra weight in your core or abdomen in order to make your clothes fit better and to give you a better appearance. Slim Away can’t fit waist sizes from 22 inches to 50 inches. There’s a set of 5 zipper closures that you can adjust as you lose weight. People are always looking to shed a few pounds and the Slim Away Waist Belt gives the appearance of shedding those pounds simply by redistributing them.

Use Slim Away while exercising in order to lose water weight faster. The Evapowrap Fabric helps seal in your body heat so you’ll sweet more while you work out, giving you better results. Plus Slim Away also provide great back support too.

Slim Away: What does it work?

The belt is placed on the middle of your body, wrapped around and firmly zipped up. This causes your weight to be redistributed. The belt serves as an undergarment, not unlike the girdle undergarment, but with a much more high tech look than a girdle. The zipper is the key as it allows the belt to be flexible whereas a girdle would generally tie and stiffen. The only real drawback that seems possible is that the belt is zipper driven. If the zipper were to become caught or damaged, the belt might eventually be uncomfortable.

Slim Away: Benefits

After reading many different Slim Away reviews it is clear that the biggest benefit is that it makes you appear much slimmer instantly. However, there are also lots of different benefits which I will highlight below.

The motivational aspect seems like a huge benefit according to many users. This is because you look and feel great whilst wearing this slimming garment, and this can motivate you to continue your weight loss journey. I can appreciate how beneficial this motivation factor is because sometimes it can be hard to stay on a weight loss diet when you can’t visibly see the end result. However, with this slimming garment it seems like the end result can be seen instantly!

Another benefit mentioned is the fact it is comfortable to wear. This is a huge benefit as it wouldn’t be sustainable if the belt was uncomfortable. Thankfully, the vast majority of user reviews I have read claim that you completely forget you are wearing it whilst you are out. Yet another huge benefit that seems to pop up again and again is the back support. I didn’t expect this to be a huge benefit but it seems users really do appreciate the support they get from this belt. I can also see how this can strengthen your back in the long run.

Slim Away: Features:

  • Provides crucial back support
  • Fits size 22″ – 50″ waists
  • 5 zipper closures adjust as weight is lost
  • Gets rid of the appearance of bulk around your waist
  • Evapowrap fabric traps in body heat to aid in the loss of water weight

Slim Away: Pros and Cons

  • Instantly gives the appearance of a smaller waist
  • Reasonably priced
  • Helps you shed water weight
  • Offers back support
  • Can be worn while exercising
  • Adjustable for many different waist sizes


  • Not a permanent solution to weight issues
  • Offers no diet or exercise guidance
  • No real emphasis placed on losing weight

Slim Away: Order Details and Where to Buy?

You can order Slim Away by following the link on Official Site. When ordering today, you will receive the Slim Away for just $10.00 +$6.99 S&H, and we will include a second Slim Away for FREE, just pay the additional $3.99 S&H.

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