Total View is made to practically eliminate blind spots when driving a car and significantly raise your field of vision. Total View’s innovative concave design makes it possible to see vehicles, bicycles, balls, animals, or everything else you need to avoid when you driving a car.

Using the Total View blind spot mirror, you are able to safely and securely change lanes without having anything worry. You can use Total View on the side mirrors of any model and make. Basically position, press, and adjust your mirrors to find the Total View. Total View’s 3M adhesive is long lasting and durable, so you can actually count on getting the full picture each time while you drive.

Not only can Total View mirrors assist you to avoid blind spots and alter lanes securely, they are able to additionally allow you to ensure risk-free clearance whenever passing other vehicles, avoid hurdles when in reverse, and simply back up boats and trailers.

How Does Total View Mirror Actually Work?

Innovative concave design of the Total View Mirror as seen on tv guarantees you’ll view it all, from the animal, to the bicycle, to the ball. It fits any make or model of side mirror within minutes, revolves and adjusts for greater visibility and can accommodate any driver. Assured durability with 3M adhesive. Its like having an additional pair of eyes while maneuvering trailers and boat and and makes parallel car parking into tight spots much simpler.

What Can I get?

With your order, you receive 2 Total View Car Mirrors plus a rearview mirror. You’ll also have the chance to order the Total View HD Sunglasses that cut glare and enhance clarity while you are driving. Just pay its postage and handling.

Where You Can Buy Total View Blind Spot Mirror?

Always buy “As Seen On TV” products in the Authorized website. Go to the Official Total View Mirror website follow this link.

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